Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Plethora of Movies

Yesterday after eating green olives for lunch, Lee did this at dinner time.

You may hear me laughing, but it's only because I was forcing laughter instead of unkind words out of my mouth. And because it was so dang funny!

Next, flying kites just a few minutes ago. Today is perfect outside.

Finally, look at this beautiful baby! Can you believe this sweet face stayed awake until 4:30 this morning? (grumble.)


Sara said...

I think I laughed my pants off at that Lee video, what a crazy kid!! :D

Angeli said...

Oh, I'm so sorry she was awake all night. What sweeetness.

Kristin said...

Can't dry out a Sheffer mouth! That kid could eat spounges and still drool. Love you guys! ~M&K