Sunday, April 5, 2009

Wonderful, Wonderful General Conference

I simply LOVE General Conference weekend. It is a time to rest, to replenish, and to repent in so many special and specific ways (okay, I'm ending the alliteration). We listened to the sessions, but still managed to have an early Easter party, complete with ham and funeral potatoes, and an Easter-egg hunt. Raychel and Paul came. I have an in with the Easter Bunny, who agreed to come a week early for us, considering that we'll be in California next weekend without daddy. Shayden figured out to pick up all the eggs and put them in the basket, while Lee decided it was best to pick one up, sit down, open it, dump out all the contents, and eat them before moving to the next.

We also went to Luke's 6th birthday party, a Pirate party. Lee dressed up and we all wore hats, and had a grand time saying "Arg!" and "Ahoy Matey!" Lee liked the pinata the best, though he left to go find other toys before it even got broken open.


Lydia said...

That is possibly the cutest pirate I have ever seen. Maybe because she's a cute little baby.

Laurie/Mom/Grandma said...

ARGH! Ahoy cute maties!

Angeli said...

What fun costumes. I love Anna's eye patch. Lee looks like a real pirate. Argh