Thursday, May 21, 2009

Garden Time!

We planted our garden! If you've been faithful with this silly blog for a year or longer, you may remember my garden woes from last year. This is now the 4th summer we've lived in this house (impossible to believe, I know), and therefore the 4th garden we've planted. The first one was a menial success, emphasis on menial. The second year, we grew nothing but weeds, and horrible weeds at that--this nasty, sticky grass that has briars and grossness and gets in your pants and socks and never comes out (bet you can't tell I hate the stuff). Last year, we went all-out, with fertilization, black plastic, and an abundance of what we thought were cantaloupe-turned-pumpkin.

This year, we have high hopes, as last year produced so beautifully. We planted fewer plants this year, as last year turned to a jungle at the end. We now have tomatoes, peppers, a variety of herbs, butternut squash, and watermelon plants in, and the garden is going to be awesome! We weren't able to obtain the lovely rabbit manure that contributed to our success last year, but I have some other fertilizers that I hope will be second-best.

Funny: after planting the plants, Lee came inside asking us for his watermelon now. He hasn't quite grasped the concept of waiting for the plants to grow.


Kristin said...

What?! No zucchini?

Aubri said...

I love that picture of your sweet little girl right at the beginning... I know it's horrible to say this about a crying baby, but she just looks so cute!

Good luck with the garden, and I can't wait to see you soon!

Angeli said...

Lookin good. We got our 4 rows in last week, and I'm not counting on much cause it can freeze June 15 and Aug 15 here. But we'll see. We also took out 30 gallons of rocks. But the dirt is so excellent.