Tuesday, May 5, 2009

P.T. post #6

After pooping in the toilet twice, Lee's taken a turn for the worse in his potty training. Maybe we only saw the eye of the storm. Actually, I'm quite certain that was the case. Today he soiled 4 pairs of underwear and 3 pairs of pants, and 2 pairs of socks, and it's not even 4 o'clock yet! I had to go shopping today just to get out of the house, I'm that frustrated. Grr.

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Debbie said...

Here's a facebook comment that a friend of mine made... maybe it's time to try punishment instead of reward? :-)

Shanci Christensen Cram: Am I mean? My 2 yr old loves binkies so much that, given the chance, she will suck on 2 or 3 @ a time while holding several more in her hand (yes, it's THAT bad). She is potty training & I told her that each time she missed, a binky would go in the garbage. She lost 2 binkies yesterday. It must've made a BIG impression. Guess who's been taking herself to the potty? :) She is so excited about it & so is her mom.