Tuesday, May 12, 2009

P.T. post #7

Making progress!

If you've been reading my blog, or at least reading these potty-training posts, you'll know I've been frustrated recently with Lee's potty progress. I read online this quote: "Potty training will take a lot of patience, probably more patience than you think." I was hoping to have Lee potty trained by his third birthday. As my dream is slipping away faster than the diapers can pile up, I must admit, he is making progress.

After my last post, we put Lee back in pull-ups. I was just way too disgusted with his numerous accidents daily. But, I think the stint with briefs helped, as now he is finally refusing to wear diapers. He tells me often, "I pee in the toilet, not in my pants!" Hooray! All my nagging has finally sunk in! Whether he actually does it is a different matter, but at least he says it.

One little funny thing--on Mother's day I got Lee out of bed to find him in a huge puddle of his own urine. I said, "Oh no, did your diaper fall off last night? You wet the bed." He replied, "Yeah, daddy forgot to put a diaper on me last night." Full sentence, not kidding. He is sure getting to be proficient in his language. I don't think daddy actually forgot, but I'm not sure...

Stay tuned for more adventures in the world of potty-training.

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