Saturday, May 9, 2009

Race for the Cure

I've been looking forward to today for a year now. As some of you may or may not know, my mother had breast cancer about 4 years ago. She's a survivor--yeah mom! About a year ago, I did my first bits of research on the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. There's one in Salt Lake every year in the spring, and last year it was a stunning event that really sparked my interest. I decided I wanted to do it this year, in 2009. Mom and I "trained" three times a week, and finally, today it came.

It didn't disappoint! There were thousands of people there, I thought I heard 8,000, but then found out I was wrong. It was 18,000. Wow! We were floored at the size of the crowds. What a thrilling experience; to join this massive group where we are all suddenly friends, united in a cause, cheering each other on in the fight against breast cancer. When we turned the half way of the 5 K, 3.1 miles, we turned around and could see the 5-lane wide road completely full of people back to the starting line. We looked ahead and saw the 5 lanes still full all the way to the finish. What a spectacular, breathtaking view. My pictures simply do not do it justice.

The rest of the day we played in Salt Lake City. We got real Belgian waffles (my dad served his mission in Belgium, and was totally stoked to find this waffle shop in downtown Salt Lake), then played at the Discovery children's museum. Sara's friend Eric was a huge help, both with entertaining Lee, and with providing tickets to the museum. Definitely a good time.

Now we're all tired, but it has been a fun day. Happy Mother's day tomorrow!


nicole said...

looks like so much fun!
i did the race for 2 years here in vegas. my boss is a breast cancer survivor and so the first year i went with her. unfortunately, she started having problems after her masectomy and had to retire shortly after, but the next job i worked at had one of the little booths.. i worked for an ob/gyn office, and they sponsor all their employees, so the next year i went with them. it is incredible! i love going and seeing the mounds and mounds of people that support the cause.

Julie said...

We went the the discovery gateway just last week with Debora and her kids. Porter and Andrew loved's too bad it's not closer and cheaper.