Friday, May 29, 2009

Starting a Healthy Living challenge

My sister Kathryn is spearheading a healthy living program this summer, and Cody and I are in. It's going to be fun, I think, and a good place to get motivation as well as track our progress.

My personal goals are to make healthy living way more fun, flavorful, and exciting than lazy living. How I plan on achieving this is:

-Make exercise fun! Go on walks with my kids and husband or anyone else. Hike in the Canyon. Go swimming. Plan it in as often as possible, at least daily.

-Design new and interesting recipes that are healthy, full of vitamins and low in fat. Since cooking is such a huge hobby of mine, and a huge stress relief for me, making these recipes is very exciting for me. I plan on sharing them on my food blog.

-I absolutely MUST be totally honest with myself, and stripped of pride and full of humility, if I am to re-learn how to live in a healthier lifestyle. Therefore, regular weigh-ins, along with people to report to, and lots of encouragement, are necessary.

If anyone wants to join in on this adventure, check out the Choose Healthy Living Blog Kathy is preparing. She has information there on the program, and you can send her a comment to join. We start June 1. Wohoo!

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