Monday, June 15, 2009

Of stinkbugs, mountains, and anniversaries

We're back from our vacation! It was a good time. Cody and I had a really nice date on Saturday. We hiked around the ranch, went hand fishing and got a couple of tasty trout for dinner. We cooked it in the fire along with sweet potatoes, broccoli, and biscuits (each in their own pouch). Mom and dad S. took care of Lee and Anna.

Sorry, I was bad about using the camera while we were gone. But I did get a few fun pictures, and this fantastic video of Annalisa demonstrating her "stinkbug" crawl. It took me several tries to get it on camera, so be grateful. :)On the drive in, we drove over Cedar Breaks. I haven't taken that route before. It was gorgeous, really breathtaking, but I'm not a big fan of heights, and was scared to death the whole time. At the top they have a visitor's center and you can take a little hike (very very little) to the drop-off. This is as close as I would get to the drop off. You can see behind me the edge of the mountain--it's a sheer drop from there about 500 feet straight down. Scary!

Yesterday (June 14) was our 4th anniversary. We went to church, had a nice dinner with mom and dad, and then drove home. It was still fun to remember our wedding, and watch the clock and think about what we were doing 4 years ago. Congratulations to Cody and I!


Kristin said...

So am i'msittinghere reading this Axton climbs up and sits with me. He looks at the picture with Lee in it and just starts laughing! I think he missed not playing with his cousin yesterday.

Aubri said...

I love the stinkbug crawl! :-) She is FAST!

Sue said...

I'm afraid of heights too, especially where sheer drop offs are concerned.

When we were at Moab I was yelling at the girls to quit goofing off because I was so afraid they would push each other right off the edge. Needless to say they thought I was quite silly about the whole thing.

Laurie/Mom/Grandma said...

Anna was circling something - maybe the light on the floor? Who knows what kids are thinking!

Angeli said...

Glad everything went good. It was sooo wonderful to have you come down! And thank you for talking in our SS class about your temple marriage. It worked out pretty good that it was your anniversary besides! We love you so much