Friday, June 12, 2009

Out of Service

On Monday our internet went out suddenly. We felt crippled without it--Cody's home-based business slowed down, and my blog addiction left me with withdrawal.

To catch you up really quick, sorry, no plug for pictures right now:
It's been a stressful week. I taught an Enrichment class on Wednesday on wheat. I had lots of food to prepare and research to do, and of course, all my recipes were on the internet. :P Thanks again to Mom F. for letting me use the house when I needed it so much!

The class went really well; there was good turn out, and lots of questions and group participation. In the end, I had almost everyone there come talk to me and thank me for the information, and compliment the food. It was lots of fun, lots of work, and now I'm really glad it's done.

Yesterday we held Cody's sister Kami's bridal shower. I was doing the food, with help from mom S. and Trisa. It was lots of fun. Sheila did the games, and all of them were so cute! Of course, Raychel and I were averting disaster (or cleaning up disaster) up until mere minutes before the Lee exploding out of the back of his Pull-ups, Shayden falling down the stairs, and we still managed to have everything ready by 6:30. The party was a hoot.

Now we're going down to Southern Utah for a long weekend to celebrate our anniversary. It should be lots of fun. (If I can get a nap, that is :D )

I will post pictures, movies, and plenty of giggles for you as soon as we get home. Hopefully our internet will be

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