Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Some Good deals

We went to Sam's Club today and stopped by their "As-Is" corner. Immediately, 2 things caught my eye--2 big boxes of size 3 diapers. Annalisa wears size 3. The boxes were kind of beat up, but the diapers are just fine, and they were $15 each. For 200 diapers! They're normally $30 apiece! We scooped those up very quickly. Cody noticed a set of 400 thread count sheets, 2 complete queen size sets, for $45. Considering we just lost a set of sheets to the wear-out monster, and we only had 1 set, it was good timing, and a good deal. Pretty cool.

The other cool deal we got was 2 tickets to see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince on July 14. If you're an avid HP fan like me, you'll notice that the movie doesn't release until July 17. That's right, it's an advance showing. I am SO excited. Not only do I get to see Harry Potter early, but I get an awesome date with my husband--a double with Sara and Eric too. Rock, Rock on.

Oh yes, and Anna is cute. That's why you get some cute pictures of her today. It is also 1 week until Lee's third birthday. He is way excited. He sings "Happy Birthday For Lee" all the time. Also, in all of his prayers now, he remembers to say, "Thank you for Olive-chokes." Whatever that is.

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Sara said...

Yay for advance showings! the movie actually comes out on the 15th, but we still get to see it a few hours earlier than everyone else. ;)