Monday, July 27, 2009

Family Reunion Time-Cody's Side part 2

(Scroll down 2 posts if you haven't read any of the family reunion ones yet; these are in chronological order, and that's how the blog posts work)

The next morning (Saturday) we woke up early and Cody and I made pancakes for everyone for breakfast. Then, once we were all fed, pottied, and dressed, we split for the morning's activity time. I mostly quilted. Lee thumped around and found all kinds of dirt and trouble to dig up. Annalisa was a little doll and played happily in a portable crib, or flirted with whoever would pick her up.

Cody and went to go work with the horses. They caught a few and saddled the rideable ones so the kids could go on horse rides. Cody worked with Dixie, mom and dad's untrained horse. He took her bareback for the first time. In case you didn't know, Cody's actually very good with horses.
Grandpa S beat us all in poker, much to Jared H's dismay.

After lunch, we had a treasure hunt (Thanks Kami and Levi for all the organization!) and then a spontaneous mutton bustin' competition for the kids.

We finished the day with more swimming, quilting, food, games, and laughter.

Sunday we woke up, packed up, cleaned up, and drove (up) home. We made it back just in time to see my Aunt and Uncle (on my mom's side) and visit a little while before crashing at home, totally exhausted, but happy. Whew!

What a week this has been. We love spending time with family, and it was such a treat to see so many family members. It's certainly been the highlight of our summer, and we can't wait to see everyone again.

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Angeli said...

Fun Fun, thanks for writing about it and seeing the pictures. Those mutton busting kids were sure cute. I moved the sheep up to another pasture and the coyotes haven't gotten them yet. It was a great fun reunion!