Monday, July 27, 2009

Family Reunion Time-Cody's Side

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Friday morning we woke up early, packed up the car, and left for Panguitch and the ranch for Cody's parents and siblings reunion (hereafter known as "S").

As soon as we arrived Cody and Lee went swimming. I hadn't brought swimming suits or swimming shoes, so they just used the ranch clothes. I loved Cody's outfit: old tennis shoes, black socks, hot pink sweatpants for about a 6 year old girl, black basketball shorts, and a too-small woman's flannel shirt, with a button missing to show just a tad of belly hair. Oh yes, and a cowboy hat.

We had a hot dog roast around the fire that night, then had a rip-roaring belly-splitting family talent show. I think my favorite talent was Raychel and Paul singing the baby shark song with a shark personality for each family member. Cody's did a sales pitch and mine was cooking.

Finally, when we were all so tired we couldn't see straight, we crashed in our tents.

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Angeli said...

Cutest pictures ever!