Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Happy Birthday for Lee

Three years ago, right now, I was pushing. And pushing and pushing and pushing...I started pushing at about 9:30 am. Lee was born at 11:35 am. I had been induced the day before, July 6 2006, and had been laboring all day and all night. No wonder I look so exhausted in this picture.

Now, here we are, three years later.

We've already been up for a few hours, opened presents, had breakfast and Grandma and Grandpa F's house, opened more presents, mom has exercised, and now it is play time for a while. Lee has been so excited for his birthday, and now it is finally here.

Lee got some cool magformers for his birthday--magnetic building shapes--and Cody and I built him a special wooden horse Lee named "Nonnie." He rode it all over the house, and it was totally worth the hour or two of labor we put into it. Up at Grandma's house, we were all surprised when Lee opened a play kitchen. I don't know if Lee or I am the most excited about this gift; hopefully he can now have a place to cook besides mom's kitchen. He's already spent a good deal of time fixing all kinds of food: carrots, eggs, potatoes, noodles, cookies, and who knows what else. He's very good about washing his dishes when he's done and using the little oven mit when extracting things from the oven. So cute. My sisters Sara and Kathy got him some play pots and pans to go with the kitchen. What a special gift, and quintessentially Lee.

We still have lots of fun things to do, so I will post again probably tomorrow. Tonight we're having a backyard pool party and picnic bash. Lee has helped us make his dirt-and-worms cake and we are looking forward to seeing family again. Good thing it's supposed to be hot and sunny today--perfect for a 3-year-old's birthday party.

So, if you check out this blog today, drop us a comment and tell Lee happy birthday. He'll say thank you, or "Sake-ew!" I promise.


Aubri said...

Happy Birthday LEE!!!! :-) Your kids are so cute... I love how he made horsie noises!!

Aubri said...

oh and also Video Birthday Card! Just for Lee! Even though it was shot on my cell phone, isn't the greatest quality, and is kinda shaky... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Jenifer said...

Too cute! Happy birthday to Lee, but also congrats on making it through the first three years to you and Cody, Lisa.

Lydia said...

Happy Birthday Lee! Wee Cody is getting so old!

Laurie/Mom/Grandma said...

Happy Birthday Lee! It was a great day. I hope you're having fun today with all your presents.

Sara said...

Nonnie Horse looks like a broom before he gets it all the way unwrapped, channeling Harry Potter. ;) how fun!! And happy late Birthday Lee!!