Friday, July 31, 2009

Kami and Levi's wedding

Yesterday we had the great pleasure of attending Cody's sister, Kami's wedding. She married Levi in the Mount Timpanogos temple. These reflections are for you, Mr. and Mrs. Wilson.

It was a gorgeous day everywhere we went. The temperature didn't get searing hot, and it was sunny. Moments after you left the reception, it started raining just a tad, so we raced to cover the gifts and clean up, but most everything was done by 10:00 pm. But backing up, the ceremony was one of the most beautiful I've attended. The sealer talked about the authority he had to start this marriage, and your obligation to repent and work together to make it a permanent and eternal bond. Kami, you bawled the whole time, with sparkles in your eyes. I could tell you really wanted to listen carefully and soak everything in, but you were so excited as well. Levi, you seemed so calm and composed, but you never stopped smiling. We couldn't stop smiling either.

We left the temple, collected our kids, and waited for you to come out. The bright pink dresses on all the little girls was simply adorable, and the photographer had a heyday with it. We chatted, congratulated, and played while we waited, which wasn't too long; and then you came out of the temple, looking dazed, but blissfully happy. I think that's the perfect way to look after the wedding. We then commenced in loads of picture taking, and then the luncheon was a lot of fun. The sandwiches and salads were fantastic! The kids loved running around and getting dirty. I had to wash Lee's shirt after the luncheon so that it would be decent for the reception.

After you left the luncheon, it was time for the rest of us to get to work. We helped decorate, tried to get the kids to nap, and went and got the ice cream for the reception. There was plenty, and the people at the store were so helpful and kind. I'd highly recommend the Smith's store in Pleasant Grove. We came back and started setting up the food. Great choices! It was fun for me to display the food in a pretty way.

Cody and I both loved the reception at the Amphitheater. It was a beautiful location, but also a very well laid-out reception. There was enough space to have a spot for signing your book, another spot for the reception line, another place for food, as well as a place for dancing (a huge highlight for the kids, who could often be found twirling with a cousin), and even frisbee. Even though there were lots of lines, nothing felt congested, and nobody had the cattle-call feeling that you get in overcrowded areas. Annalisa walked around and made the guests giggle. Lee liked to climb up high on the amphitheater and watch over the people below. Everything ran smoothly.

We loved the kids orchestra at the end during your program. I laughed so hard when Levi pulled the "garter" out of Kami's dress, and it was a frisbee that was sent far over the gentlemen below. We cheered you off, and then went home.

Thanks for letting us be a part of your wedding day. I hope you always look at July 30 as being the best day of your lives.


Angeli said...

What a beautiful record. and I want copies of the pictures emailed to me. Please. This is such a treasure of a day. It could not have been more perfect.

Kami Sheffer's Blog said...

Lisa!!! That is awesome! I didn't know about a lot of that! I'm so glad you wrote it all down!!!!!!!! I love it!!! I can't say thank you just plan on me saying that a few more times. It was the perfect day! The perfect! And...everyday after it! Marriage is so fun!