Monday, July 13, 2009

No more irrigation

We watered our lawn this weekend. Our sprinklers are hooked up directly to the irrigation canal. I had almost finished when I looked outside and the water was off. Since it had been running for a few days, I wondered if our landlord had shut it off assuming we were done. Nope, not quite the case. He called us later saying there was a problem with the canal and that he'd let us know when we could water again.

I now am getting the picture that it may not be this summer. The canal broke; a whole wall and the bottom part of the canal literally crumbled away, causing a landslide that damaged several homes and totally destroyed one, carrying away 3 people in the process. Rescuers still haven't found the people. The canals here are really quite safe, but I'm familiar with that part of the canal, and I can see why it broke. It's in the middle of a steep hill, and we've had lots of rain recently. Not to mention these canals are 150 years old. The city really works hard to keep them sound, and we're not entirely sure what failed, so we're trying not to blame anyone. In the meantime, I guess we'll be using culinary water for our yard for a while now.


Laurie/Mom/Grandma said...

Yikes, I wondered if that canal was the one you use. Do you have a hose hooked to culinary water that you can use in the garden?

Lydia said...

I went and looked at the canal. Looks like the whole side of the hill above it came down. I don't think the canal looks very safe, but it might have been the hill that failed and just took out the canal with it. Logan will never quite be the same after this.