Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The rest of Lee's birthday

After playing all day, it was time for Lee's birthday party. We had a backyard pool party, which was way fun. The kids loved playing in the little pool and running through the sprinklers. After the gifts were opened and we found Lee had been given multiple squirt guns, the water started flying again. We're so grateful to everyone who came; Lee felt so loved and had such a good time, and Cody and I had a blast too. Enough talk. More pictures.

Lee liked opening the presents, but wanted to stop and play with them. We really had to do some major encouraging before the end.My brother Matthew got me laughing so hard when he compared two of Lee's new toys: "Now, try to think you were a three year old. Would you rather play with a purple part monster part sea-creature with weird eyes and a tree on it's stomach, or a monster truck with a tongue that comes out?"
We ended the party with Lee's dirt-and-worms cake and more play time. Lee was exhausted when he went to bed, but he had a huge smile on his face all day and celebrated the best birthday a 3-year-old could hope for.

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