Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sad things

I really like keeping this blog as up-beat and positive as I can, but sometimes bad things just happen.
This is a picture of the ranch, not of Myer's Valley, but you can get a little feel for how the area looks. Of course there's no snow there now--these pictures were taken in March.

As most of you know, Cody's mother's family owns a ranch in Southern Utah. Part of that ranch property is a mountain valley named Myer's (or Meyer's...never really known the spelling of it...) Valley. Myer's valley has a natural spring, several family cabins, and a huge grove of Aspen trees where we've all carved our names...going back several generations. Right after Cody and I were married we went up there and added our names, with the plans to go back as we had children and add them to our tree. Unfortunately, I don't think we'll get that opportunity, at least not on that particular tree we chose as newlyweds.
(Thanks Alisa, for the picture I lovingly stole from your facebook page)

The next bit of sad news is that Morty, who I liked to call Mortimer, and Lee always called "Doggy," got hit by a car. He hadn't been in the family very long, but he was a good dog. This is another picture from March, with Cody and Lee, Dixie, and Morty. Sometimes it's really hard to understand why bad things happen to us. Why did the family property have to burn and the family dog die, especially in the same week (also the same week everyone got the stomach flu)? All we can do in hard times is look to a merciful Father in Heaven, who knows all things and comprehends all things. If for no other reason than to refine us a little more, we are called to enter the refiner's fire. Often, the reasons are more profound and far-reaching than that. We are enabled to succor those around us, or are given special abilities and experiences that will aid us in the future. Tough times are important times. And I mean that for all trials, not just forest fires or the passing of a beloved pet.

Our prayers are with you, Mom and Dad S. and everyone else affected. Our prayes are with you, our readers, in whatever trials you may face. We hope your prayers are with us in our difficulties as well. Love is the only balm for a broken heart.


Laurie/Mom/Grandma said...

And our prayers are with you.

Angeli said...

Thanks Lisa for the post. I appreciate your writing it down in such a way that I would like it in my own journal. All in one week, but when things happen like that it opens us up to receive greater blessings. I don't feel bad when I know that we are all alive and well again and together. Knowing that calms my fears and makes me feel only blessed. We saw Myers Valley today. The trees are gone, but it is still there. We'll probably choose a different tree and write everyone's names down again somewhere too. Our "Family Tree" was burned, but we still have the family. Love you,