Friday, July 10, 2009

Sick Day

Yesterday I assured several of my sisters-in-law that we weren't sick. I spoke too soon. Today's been a bad one for me, and I hope it's just a 24 hour stomach flu. Annalisa was throwing up this morning, but seems to be happier now, and has been playing most of the day. Thanks Dad F. for coming over this morning to help give blessings. It really helped. Lee is still healthy, and Cody had it earlier this week, so maybe (cross your fingers) Lee will avoid it...? I've only thrown up once, but the whole day I've been weak, achy, and tired. Cody's been very good to help out all day. I feel bad that he's taken some work off, but sometimes you just need a sick day.

In other news, Anna took a couple of solo steps today! It works best if you can trick her by having her hold something in her hands. If she realizes she's standing unassisted, she'll bend over and crawl. She can't get enough of the little scooter featured in yesterday's post, thanks again Matthew and Kristin (and Happy Birthday, Brother man)!

Cody's now offering to make me tapioca pudding. I hope he follows through with it; it's one of the few things that sound good. I've survived the day on toast and Jell-o water, a childhood sick-day favorite.

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