Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Day without Dad

My Aunt Sue suggested that while I mope at home by myself with the kids, I might as well put up a movie. Sue, this post is for you!

About once or twice a week, Cody leaves town for a day of appointments, most of which are in Salt Lake or the surrounding area. The kids and I play at home. While it's all of our least favorite day of the week, we find ways to stay entertained.

Anna took a nice long nap today, and another short one this afternoon. Then, she likes to walk around and play with toys. Her walking skills are phenomenal!

Lee sings, dances, plays with toys, and is a big helper. He is getting so good at going potty in the toilet.

I try to convince myself that I don't want to order a pizza, and play computer or watch TV. We also like to read books, draw pictures, and play music. Today we also went to the grocery store and watered the lawn some more. Hooray for the irrigation water being turned back on! And that is what we do when we have a day without dad.

Oh yes, and Lee zonked out on the couch after dinner.


Sue said...

Such cute kiddos. Lee looks like such a big boy with his hair cut and Anna is walking soooo well now. How fun for you and how lucky your mom & dad are to have them so close!

Thanks for my videos. I feel special ;-)

Nikki said...

Cute CUTE videos! I cannot get over how much Anna looks like your side of the family Lisa. These are fun times. It's good that you recorded them. :)