Friday, August 7, 2009

Lessons from Apples

I took Lee and Annalisa into the backyard today to enjoy the unusually cool weather, and we noticed one of the apple trees is so loaded with apples that all the branches are touching the ground. We thought we'd ease its burden a little bit. The apples are still a bit young, but they are getting sweet and pink on the outside. We picked a couple of gallons of them, and Lee had a great time.

Some things I thought about as we picked a few apples today: Cody insisted on picking the ones from the ground, even though they were shriveled, bruised, or buggy. I couldn't figure it out. There were thousands of good apples on the 7 trees we have in the back yard--we don't need the bad ones! He got mad at me as I was throwing the bad ones out, saying I could just cut out the bad parts. Now, the apples aren't huge ones, and cutting out the bad parts wouldn't leave much left. I'd prefer to skip the work and just keep the good ones. I'm relating this to good and bad media that's available. With so many options out there, I just don't need to waste my time with bad stuff. I think Cody eventually saw my logic. If not, he decided it wasn't worth the argument and dropped it.

The next thing I thought about was storage. Along with saving bad apples runs the risk of contaminating the good apples. If there's one in that bucket that is bruised badly enough to start molding, then the ones around it will get moldy too. But, if they're good apples, and I store them properly in a cool place, they will keep for months. Apples are special that way. I want to make sure I keep my apples--and my children--away from bad influences that could potentially contaminate them. In today's society that sometimes seems difficult, or even cruel, but if I want myself and my family to stay strong, clean, and "good," then the less exposure we have to bad situations, media, or places, the better.

Finally, they're just apples. Maybe I should store these little thoughts away for the time being and learn to just enjoy a morning outside playing with my kids.


Nikki said...

Good lessons. Cody sounds like Danny. I can see him insisting on saving the bruised buggy apples too and cutting off the bad parts. You could tell him they will be great for the compost pile. :)

Laurie/Mom/Grandma said...

Good thoughts.

Aubri said...

You know what? I love you :)

I adore your posts, especially when they include your internal dialogue. Thanks!

Angeli said...

I would like to reserve a few if you can get them to me.