Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lunch at home

Anna was being so cute at lunch today. We had chili and johnny cake, and she would pick up the little pieces of food and blow on them to cool it down. Of course, I'd already been blowing on them (probably how she decided to blow too), and I would never give her something that was too hot.

Then Lee tried to get her to say "Bap," which launched us into a fit of belly laughter as Lee tried to get mommy to say all kinds of funny words.
Next, Lee put on an oven mit and tickled Anna with it. Odd.

It ended with Lee removing all of his clothing and eating several handfuls of prunes, and giving Anna the ladle from the chili to lick, while I was in the bathroom.

Can you see why the name of this blog is "For Kicks and Giggles?"


Lydia said...

Ah, children.

Angeli said...

Example. They sure learn from example. I'm referring to the blowing of the food. Cute.