Monday, August 10, 2009

Sunday Dinner

When my oldest sister, Kathryn, came to Utah to go to school (in the fall of 1999), my grandparents established a Sunday dinner routine. At that time, there were only a few people coming to dinner, and Kathy would often bring a roommate or friend. As each of us kids have come here for school, we've been able to learn the great joys of coming to Grandma's house for dinner. Slowly, it expanded to include any cousins, aunts, uncles, or babies who were here. Now, Sunday dinner is something we greatly anticipate every week and is a fantastic time to reconnect with everyone and spend time with family, whom we are so fortunate to live near to.

Only very recently have we totally divvied up the meal between those who attend. For years Grandma lovingly prepared the whole meal, unless one of us had volunteered to bring a salad or something. Definitely time for us to carry our own weight a little bit. We also sometimes go to my parent's house instead of it always being at Grandma's house. But like I said, the best part of all is just being with family. I sometimes find that I don't visit the family who lives close by me nearly as much as I should, so that weekly excuse to go see my family members is wonderful.

Demonstrating how Axton is half of Grandma's height. Also, Axton always gives me the biggest cheesy grins when he sees my camera. So I always take advantage of it.


Lydia said...

Ha ha! Axton is sooo Matthew's son.

Lisa, would you post how you cook fish here or on your food blog. Just the simple way with butter and lemon (I think)? Kyle caught a fish and I have never cooked one before!

Melanie said...

Awww...I remember Sunday dinners at your grandparents and with Karin. How fun! Now, those were some yummy meals, and great company!

Angeli said...

It is wonderful to have family.