Saturday, September 19, 2009

Food preservation

We've been working hard doing some home preservation the past few weeks. Well, not working too hard...but having lots of fun at it.

Applesauce, peaches, tomatoes, fruit leather, and today up the canyon we found elderberries, so right now I'm making elderberry syrup. It smells fantastic.

OK, since I started writing this post, I've finished the elderberry syrup. Mmmm. We got about 4 pints, which I will freeze. Except for what we eat tonight, as I'm planning on making breakfast for dinner because of the yummy syrup. You can't smell the house all up like that and then not eat it, right?
After we finished bottling the peaches, we had a few leftover. So we made peach pie/peach turnovers. SO delicious.

My mom taught me to love bottling and freezing and drying food for later use. During the abundance of summer, it is very fulfilling for me to fill up my jars and cupboards with food that will taste delicious in a few months. I know not everyone enjoys this process, but for me, it's about the love. In the cold of January, I'm going to remember the happy months of summer and the warm, sunny days I spent picking, preparing, and storing food. Sometimes I feel like a chipmunk. The only downside to all this food storage is that you can't hibernate once you're done getting it together.

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Melanie said...

hooray for feeling like a chipmunk! And for canning--I still think of the fun we had a couple summers ago...mmmm....applesauce...