Wednesday, September 16, 2009

P.T. post #13

I suspect this is my final Potty Training post for Lee.

In about April, at the height of my potty training frustration, I read that on average, it takes a child about 8 months to completely potty train. At the time it was really discouraging, but also, having a goal of "this is when I can officially say that Lee is worse than most kids" gave me something to wrap my mind around, which kept me sane. Well, sort of sane.

Now, it is September. While we still have accidents here and there, especially when we're not really on top of things, I'm declaring Lee 100% "Potty Trained." We have no more diapers or pull-ups. He can get his own pants up and down. He even makes it through the night, which I didn't expect for another few years. It is fantastic!

The biggest thing I learned is unfailing patience and consistency. I consider myself a pretty consistent person, but this required a level of consistency that I never dreamed was humanly possible. Another thing I really needed was help from other people, which was completely invaluable and amazingly wonderful throughout the process.

I still cheer whenever Lee goes in the toilet. I probably will for sometime. This is a huge success for me, which really reaffirms my strength as a mother. Not to mention, it's cheaper and less smelly too!

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Cindy said...

that is so great! rember every thing so you can give me advice when i have a boy to train in comming years