Thursday, September 3, 2009

Washington DC trip, the beginning

I'm in our hotel room here in Washington DC, relaxing and happily blogging. I'll try to put lots of pictures, but I need to do some journaling too to remember this trip. Read, don't read, it is up to you.

Monday night we left the kids at my parent's house. Dad was right; I only cried until the bottom of the hill, then I was okay. At that point, I felt a distinct change and said, "I'm on vacation now, the kids are okay, time to have some fun." Cody and I went home and tried to sleep.

We got up at 3:30 Tuesday morning, and quickly and easily got dressed and in the car. I'm amazed at how quickly we can get ready without kids around! We drove down, dropped the car off in Riverton, and Sheila finished taking us to the airport (thanks again, SheBee). Our flights were very smooth sailing; no delays, easy layover in Houston, and arriving safely here in DC by 5:00 pm Eastern time. They even served us dinky little meals on both flights, that were just enough to get us to the hotel without starving, and without purchasing any over-priced airport fodder.

Tuesday night we called the kids and got ourselves some food, including a trip to a nearby grocery store where we purchased bagels, fruit, carrots, and pb&j sandwich materials. Very good purchase; we've used that food for 2 meals a day so we don't have to eat out all the time.

Wednesday morning we slept in (which felt SO amazingly good. Cody has particularly been loving his sleep here), then took the metro in for a tour of the Supreme Court building. It was fascinating. The building emanates power, more so than the other buildings in downtown DC, in my opinion. The columns are huge and the halls echo, and they want you to be quiet as you walk around. There are also a few less tourists there than other places, which makes you feel very small and insignificant. Anyway...we enjoyed the lecture very much and learned a lot about the beautiful architecture of the building.

We went all the way out to Georgetown for Zed's Ethiopian in the mid-afternoon for lunch/dinner. It was quite a walk, even with the Metro ride, and we were tired after we ate. We decided to go back to the hotel for a quick nap...ha ha....Cody woke up at about 7. We called the kids on Skype, I finished reading my book, and it felt good to just relax.

This morning, Thursday, we woke up at about 8 and lazily got ready for the morning. We took the Metro in and did the monument run: Washington, WWII (my favorite this time around, as it was the first time I've seen this one completed), Vietnam, Lincoln, and Korean War. We ate our lunch halfway and took many big drinks of water. The weather here has been gorgeous--sunny, not horrendously warm, and often a slight breeze. I got just a little sunburned today, and my sunglasses gave me a little bit of a racoon burn. :)

We got back to the Metro with really great timing. We went over to Senator Bennett's office in the Dirksen building, where we had time to sit down and breathe for about 15 minutes before our capitol tour. We ended up being the only ones there, which was a lot of fun. Nicky, our tour guide, was really sweet and a joy to talk to. She knew a lot about the artwork and architecture of the capitol, though I was able to clarify a few things and not feel like a total idiot. (Like why Sakakawea is named Sakakawea, not Sakagawea, and how they won't add more representatives because there isn't room for desks in the House of Representatives room...)

After our tour, we went to visit the museums a bit. We caught the American Indian museum for just a few minutes before they closed. I'd love to spend a day in each of these museums, but there just isn't the time. Besides, Cody and I were getting tired of walking and hungry, so we pulled out the TomTom to find the closest food. We saw a McDonald's but couldn't find it as we walked along. I convinced Cody to go into the Air and Space museum before we'd venture further for the Micky-D's, and that's when we discovered that it was in the museum...duh...Anyway, we gladly bought the overpriced food and were happily finishing up our meal when I saw a mouse go running along the wall. I kind of yelped, but then we both became fascinated. As we went to report it to the workers, we ended up finding about 5 more mice running around, dodging under the chairs and tables. One came within 2 feet of me. I didn't see it, but Cody was yelling, "Stomp on it, Lisa!" The manager finally came out and blandly looked for the hole they were coming in and out of, and asked us how many we had seen, just nodding and saying, ", well thanks then." I was a little bummed. I was hoping they'd at least pay for our meal. I guess I should have screamed really loud, "EEK! THERE'S MICE IN THIS RESTAURANT!" And then we'd see the customers running out and demanding refunds...Maybe they'd have paid for my food then. Oh well. Probably better not to cause them worse pandemonium.

Anyway, after graciously leaving the restaurant, we walked around the rest of the museum, enjoying the planes and other aircraft, and losing all feeling in our sore legs. Finally, we trudged down to the Metro and came home.

And that, folks, is a recap of our first three days on vacation! We are having a lot of fun, and loving the time together. Cody and I both agree it feels so nice to hold hands everywhere we go, and to take our time and do whatever feels good. It's a different life without kids, and I know this vacation is helping our marriage be stronger. We needed some alone time. It was long overdue.

We know the kids are doing well, and we really love or Skype calls in the evenings. Thanks again, Mom and Dad, for your wonderful help with the babysitting. You've shown us so much love, taking the kids, and we appreciate it more than you could ever know!

p.s. Sorry there's not more pictures. It will be easier to upload them when I'm at home. This is all for today.


Laurie/Mom/Grandma said...

Lee likes the pictures. It's hard to understand how far away you are.

From Lee: On a tree up high and big fish, Nemo Fish Nemo is on top of you head and lookin up fish up there.

Kami Sheffer's Blog said...

Sounds like a blast!! Holy cow!