Thursday, November 26, 2009

Take a minute

Just reminding you to take a quick minute and come play for good!

Please stop by this awesome, and surprisingly addictive game, to help out the CPD and raise money for many a good cause. Today and tomorrow (Thursday and Friday) is the Turkey Bowl, so you can either make your own team, or join someone else. The team with the most members--not the most hours played--wins.

Happy Thanksgiving! We love you all!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving...

We are in Panguitch, getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow. It's already been a little adventure, but lots of fun.

Yesterday we drove down. We had some shuttling around to do to pick up Alisa and make sure Cody was at his appointments on time, but we all made it healthy and sound. Our new van is AWESOME! we wondered why we didn't buy one a year ago... ? Anyway, the kids slept in the car and we got here late late late. At one point Lee and Anna needed a little entertainment, so Alisa started tickling their bare feet. Every time Alisa would switch to Anna, Lee would stick out his feet and say, "Alisa, Here's some tickily toes for you!" And laugh and squirm hysterically. Silly kid.

This afternoon Lee emptied out Mom and Dad's winter clothes bin and gave everything to Cody, who put it on. Cody said he was about to fall asleep from being too warm.

Today we've been brining our turkey and getting things ready for Thanksgiving. We have 3 turkeys for this shindig--1 (smoked) is going to the Panguitch Lion's Club Thanksgiving dinner, to help families and people in need, then we brought one, which we will also do smoked, and one Sheila is bringing, and that will be roasted. So, dad wanted to Smoke his (well, put it on the smoke, not inhale, you know) tonight so that it would be ready for the early Lion's Club dinner tomorrow. He came in for dinner and told mom, "I caught the Turkey smoking out by the garage." I'll bet he'd been planning that joke for weeks. :)

Kami and Levi came this afternoon. It's fun to hang out with them a little. Kami was super excited to put her last quarter in this state-quarter display.

And a bonus point for whoever can guess Lee's song.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

My wonderful, amazing, and terrific Husband

Yesterday I invited Cody's sisters Raychel and Alisa over to make Thanksgiving pies. As the day wore on, we decided to go to New Moon as a girl's-night-out. And Cody, my dear, dear husband, volunteered to take care of the kids, as well as Raychel's kids, so we could go together.

We loved the movie and the fun time together, but I love Cody more. When we got home from the movie, all four kids were in pajamas (Even Gavon, who wore some of Annalisa's pink jammies) and the house was picked up. Nobody was crying or bleeding, either!

I'd say Cody's definitely earned himself a pecan pie, wouldn't you say?

Friday, November 20, 2009

Hellos and Goodbyes

Cody and I said a tearful goodbye to our wonderful Honda Accord a few hours ago. We've only had it a year, but here's a reminder of all the fun things that happened in that year:

-Annalisa was born
-Lee said "Look mommy, I'm making a mess for you!"
-Annalisa learned to walk
-Cody worked hard for our family did I do?

Anyway. My parents have been thinking about buying a better snow vehicle all year, since they live on a steep hill. They have a great van that we arranged to buy from them, so they traded in our Accord for a new car for themselves, and we are buying their minivan.

We are now a minivan family! Wohoo! We'd planned on getting a minivan when baby #3 decided to come, and while that is still a ways away (AT LEAST 10 months), this opportunity to buy my parent's van was put it mildly. This will be really good for us, though we loved our Accord and will miss it a lot. It will probably take months, if not years, before we will start thinking of the van as "ours," but we are so very grateful for it already. Thanks, mom and dad! Goodbye wonderful Accord. Hello, Fantastic Van!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Student!

I'm excited to announce that I now have a piano student. I taught piano lessons when I was in high school and loved it, but it has been several years since then. I've gone to college, got married, had a couple of kids, and decided it was a good time to start teaching again.

This is also a partial advertisement, if you know anyone who would like lessons, I am quite a reasonably priced teacher, though I prefer younger, beginning to intermediate students.

But that's a little beyond the point. I can't wait to be teaching a few students again. I simply adore being a mom, but this little bit of "work" will help me stay connected with the world, and help me feel more productive in life. Women need that, I think. It's really emotionally draining to be at home with the kids all day. Not that it isn't fantastic, because I really am grateful to be a stay at home mom, but I think this will be just enough work to give me that emotional boost I need to be a better mom. I hope that makes sense--it does to me.

I will start teaching this student right after Thanksgiving, and it is going to be a blast. Yay!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

2 pokes and a spray

My friend Kati called me as I was walking in the door from my walk this morning. Swine flu shots were available in Ogden, so we packed up the kids in Kati's van and trekked on down to get them. Fortunately, it was very well organized and we were able to get the shots for both the kids and I--Lee got the mist, Anna and I both had the regular shot.

On the way home I found out--the hard way--that Annalisa has inherited my motion sickness. I feel bad for her. It has plagued me all my life. At least I know the best ways to help her.

Lee loved riding down and back next to his buddy Abbi (we took Kati's van) and I loved seeing beautiful new baby Kaylee. Overall it was a fun little excursion. Kind of random, I know, but that's all I have to talk about today.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Typical, Wonderful Day

We just love life around here! We got to spend all day with daddy today because it is Saturday. It was snowing outside, so we played at home. The kids got a few toys out, had a bubble bath, mom worked on Christmas projects, Daddy (wonderful husband of mine) cleaned a little (Lot), and we all got to do things we wanted and enjoyed.


Time to jump on another bandwagon! Shotgun!

Watch the news. Like I am right now.

Spend too much time on the computer. Like I am right now.

Wish I could get more sleep. Like I feel right now.

Have dishes in the sink I need to clean. Like right now. (although the dishwasher keeps this down to a minimum usually)

Am grateful for my family. Like right now.

Forget to take the trash out.

Wonder what people were thinking. Like those people who put all the cats in wigs. Or the inventor who decided that making a corset-bra that folds out into a putting green was a good idea. ?

Crave foods that are bad for me.

Miss an episode of CSI, Smallville, or The Office, thanks to my TiVo. And I was SO excited to see Clark's glasses last night!

Mow the lawn. Cody does. I've mowed the lawn once in our whole marriage.

can think straight when I'm tired. like right now. So I will go back to bed. :)

Friday, November 13, 2009

Christmas Prep, budget style

This year we're trying super hard to reduce our Christmas spending. In past years I've blown my budget, and this year, I can't. There just isn't a budget to blow! Being a gift-giver by heart, it is really hard for me to scale back Christmas, but I am determined! I've already got a couple of ideas, some I won't put on here, because a lot of you will be getting gifts from us this year (don't worry, you still will get something from us, I promise), but I've also enjoyed these ideas:

For Christmas tree ornaments, I dehydrated cross-section slices of apples and oranges and Cody looped them with fishing line. All I did was dehydrate the thin slices on my dehydrator, but if you don't have a dehydrator, they can be done in the oven at 200 degrees for 8 hours or so (laid carefully on trays lined with wax paper)--just check on them periodically to check their progress. You don't want them to burn. They turned out so pretty. I might make more for other decorations around the house, and were super cheap. I got at least 5 or 6 out of each piece of fruit, so about 3 or 4 pieces of each kind of fruit was enough for a big tree. I also like them because I'm not worried about my kids playing with them. They won't break easily, and are edible just in case. I plan *hope* to make popcorn strings to go with them, and we'll have a food-themed Christmas tree. The ornaments have already been used twice for Relief Society Activities, where these pictures were taken.I'm saving my tin cans right now to make tin can luminaries. You freeze water inside so that they won't bend when you punch holes in them with a nail and hammer. Then you let the water melt, put in a candle, and you have a pretty design. You can paint them and add stickers too, if you like. I plan on lining my front steps and/or the sidewalk with these luminaries. It should be a fun thing to do with the kids too (though Cody and I will handle the hammer and nail--the kids can decorate them with paint), and it just uses leftover cans.

I have some good recipes for homemade candy, which I hope works well this year. I'm also going to have special activities for the kids and service projects planned through the month of December, as often as I can. These things help us feel all happy and Christmas-y, without having to spend money.

I would love to hear your ideas too, though! What things have you enjoyed in the past? Good crafts? Gift ideas? Homemade treats or holiday recipes? Remember, each comment not only earns you my gratitude, it takes a little off my waistline. :) I will keep posting through the season about some of my projects, and I'd love to see yours too.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Apple Drama

This year was a major apple-producing year. There are seven apple trees on our landlord's property, plus two more on our next-door neighbor's property (Henceforth known as "CL"), and all the trees were LOADED with apples. I've already posted on this before, so you know I'm not making it up.

In August we picked some of CL's apples from the branches hanging over our property. We had a few friends and family also pick a couple boxes of apples. What we took hardly made a dent in the bushels and bushels of apples left over, and our landlord specifically said "Take all you want!"

There are still apples on the trees, even though we've had a snow and it is well into November. Today we thought we'd go get a couple more boxes before it was really too late. That's when all the drama started...

Apparently CL doesn't like us letting Lee climb a tree, even if we are standing directly under him the whole time. Apparently the other neighbors also don't like us tossing a couple of bad apples at the fence and into their overgrown empty lot, even if we are planning on picking them up. Our poor landlord had to come out and tell us off, for picking and cleaning up the apples in our yard. He's a nice guy, so I feel bad that he had to receive a bunch of hateful phone calls from CL and the other neighbors, since they won't just come out and talk to us. CL even was threatening to shoot Cody with a pellet gun. All over some apples that we wanted to dehydrate and make apple pies with.

Cody went over to CL's house to apologize, and she said she was "Too stressed out to talk right now." Right now Cody's over in the empty, overgrown lot that a few of the bad apples got into because we tossed them over the fence. (there were 15, he told me when he came back. He counted them as he cleaned them up.)

So, we're sorry that we offended our neighbors by trying to pick apples today. We have now tried to apologize to all of them, and if for some reason one of you finds this blog, sorry again. If you want some nice apples, let us know, and we are happy to share! In the meantime, I'm going to REALLY enjoy making delicious apple pies. They will be worth every bite.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Shoes and wigs

Tonight was my big Relief Society Holiday Dinner. Anna went to the Nursery, and bawled her guts out. Kind of hard to believe, when she is so happy now! She loves finding shoes to put on and walk around in. She also has learned the word "ouch," which she thinks means "Do that some more, Anna!"

I'm tired. I think I will go to bed now.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

For Axton

Your wish is my command! :)

Another post of randomness

Anna was excited for our walk this morning. I was excited too. After being sick last week and not doing much exercise, it feels so good to get out again. Especially as our walking outside days are limited for the season. As you can tell, we're in the bundle-up weather now. Anna is wearing footie pajamas, her coat, and is double wrapped in a fleece blanket. She was asleep in just a few blocks.

Last night we had Grandma F. over for dinner and Family Home Evening. We love having them live close so we can do things like that. Grandpa F. is in Washington DC this week, and it was fun to spend some time with just Grandma. I think she enjoyed getting out of the house too.

Anna says new words often now. The past couple of mornings she's taken after her cousin Shayden and calls me "Manny! Manny!"

Lee is the most hilarious kid in the world! At least in my opinion. ;) He told me this morning "I have a book in my bedroom because Daddy shared with me! Daddy is so nice!" We still haven't figured out what "Fontree-Fonfanch" is. Yesterday Lee drank a big cup of "Fontree-Fonfanch" milk. ?

We are getting excited for Thanksgiving and Christmas, for Sheila's sealing, and Sara's wedding, and all the other wonderful things going on!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Jell-o face

At dinner today at my Grandma H's house, Annalisa fell asleep in the high chair. She is funny that way, and does it fairly often. We happened to be eating Jell-o, and when she woke up, it looked like someone had punched her in the face. Nope, it was jell-o face baby! There's also big jell-o stains on her fingers and leg.

Oh, and here's my handsome husband. He's so great. I really love Cody a lot.

Friday, November 6, 2009

A me post

Today has been a tough one for me. This whole week I've been sick, and I didn't sleep so well last night. I just wanted a good nap this afternoon, but of course, Lee decided to play "climb over the mommy" during Anna's big nap, so I only got a half hour rest. Now, he's asleep on the couch. Of course, right after Anna woke up from her very nice, 2 hour rest (jealousy fills my soul!). Blegh. I think I'm just tired. Whenever I get tired like this, though, I get grumpy and depressed. It's been hard to keep my hands out of Lee's Halloween candy today.

*deep breath Lisa* tomorrow will be better. I hope.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Proof that you don't need pants to be happy

I love that my kids are friends. At least for today.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

First words

Annalisa has started saying her first words! It is beyond cute to hear her little voice.
She really takes after her mother--we even share one of the first major words: "Mine!"

Right now she says:


Of course, most of these words are tonal inflections with a consonant sound, but it is clear enough for us parents to understand. They are also very distinct communications, as she only says "Good" when you ask "How are you doing, Anna?" and she says "done" when she's finished eating. Here are a few movies of word demonstrations.

I know this is pitch black, because we took the movie in the car on the drive home last night.

See, I told you Anna was like me. :D

Grandpa F's Birthday

Yesterday was my dad's birthday. Amazingly, we were able to have a party with every member of our family in attendance. Kathy and Doug even made it from California (they're here to celebrate Doug's Grandfather's birthday as well). So much fun! We love being with our family. We are so blessed to have such a great one.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I'll quit typing while I'm ahead. Enjoy.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Big Weekend Fun

Our Halloween vacation was a blast!

On Thursday we left right after lunch and went to Crystal's house. Cody had appointments Thursday evening and Friday morning, and it was fun to have a little time to just chat. The kids loved the play time.

Friday afternoon while waiting for an appointment, we went to a Carl's Jr. so the kids could play. Lee thought that playplace was the niftiest thing he'd seen in a long time. They both got good exercise. Then we drove down to Beaver where Jared and Trisa live along with their 4 girls. After dinner and laughing, we went to bed early, since we knew we'd have a big day ahead.

Saturday morning was the real reason we came--Valerie's baptism! I unfortunately didn't take any pictures, but I saw plenty of cameras, so someone else certainly did. Valerie is such a sweet girl and we love her so much. She looked very pretty in her baptism outfit and we are proud of her and the good decisions she has made in her life.

After the baptism we had a lunch, and Cody convinced all the kids that there was a ghost in the upstairs. Crazy Uncle Cody. We tried to take a nap, then we got in our costumes and it was finally time to trick-or-treat. Lee climbed out of the car and ran to the first door he could find.

We did the trunk-or-treat first, then went to the long-term care at the Beaver hospital, then ended with door-t0-door trick-or-treating (how many hyphens can I get in one sentence?). Lee had a little cold and his voice was all scratchy, but he didn't want to stop and was very cute saying "Trick-or-Treat!" and "Thank you!" at every door. He got a good bag of candy too.

After we were too cold and tired to carry on, around 7 pm, we went back to Jared and Trisa's for healthy snacks, hot wassail, and games. The kids watched a movie while the adults played a riotous game of Mafia. Mom was hilarious as the narrator, when she kept killing off the people the investigators were accusing, not the people the mafia were killing. Then, in another round when she was on the chopping block, she voted for herself. We laughed ourselves silly, then went to bed and were asleep within minutes.

Our adventures weren't over yet, though! We drove home Sunday, stopping for a picnic in Nephi and also stopping in Riverton for Jordan's ordination. Cody was so honored to be there for that beautiful blessing. We drove the rest of the way home to Mom F.'s lasagna dinner and then unpacked.

What a weekend! We are glad we took some time to have a little vacation. Happy Halloween! Now, on to the next party.... :)