Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lee quotes of the day

I'm on Facebook. As my "Status" I often put up a "Lee quote of the day." I've been doing this for several months now, and recently copied and pasted all of them into a document so I can have a more permanent location to keep these precious little quips. I thought I'd share them with you today! If you follow me at all on Facebook, these won't be anything new, but for those of you that haven't seen them before, or those of you who've forgotten, enjoy! (I've also interspersed some pictures and some little videos of my favorite little boy throughout to make this an even awesomer post.)

"So, Anna pushed me. And that's it."

yelling at the top of his lungs) "Anna! Sit down Quietly!"

Grandma S. on the phone--"What'cha doing, Lee?" Lee--"Watching a nuvie." G'ma-"What movie?" Lee--"This one, right here!" (Holds the phone up to the movie)

"I look like a girl."

Me-"What's this right here?" Lee-"My tummy." Me-"and what's this?" Lee- "My chin!" Me-"and what's this?" Lee--"Uh, just my sticky hands!"

"Anna's not hitting me, she's just wibbling my lips."

"Aaaw, you swoberdered on me! Ew gross!"

"I love my girlfriends!"

"Look! I turned on that light. It's my favorite to leave it on, to see!"

"What's that? Insects? It has insects? Ooh! I like insects!"

Cody-"We should all go on missions!" Lee-"Well, I just goed on a mission yesterday!"

"I need help with my pants, 'cuz the button's plugged in!"

"I don't want to go in there! That's where Anna goes! Because it's a bonky one!"

...climbs on the couch, climbs on my shoulder, put his nose deliberately on mine, and says, "Can I have some cool water?" Am I THAT hard to reach?

"Mom, can I have a little, tiny, little-tiny piece?" me-" Of what?" Lee-"Uh, just a little-tiny piece of Cinnamon Toast?" *Gigantic cheesy grin*

"I like the blood, and eating it too."

"No, daddy, don't say that word!" Cody-"Which word?" Lee-"No! Don't say 'No!'"

"Daddy, You have to take orders."

"I'm not a handsome boy, I'm a stud muffin."

"I'm eating my liquors." --he was trying to say licorice. :)

"Mom, my eyes aren't dead anymore. They're just...just, blinking."

"I wanna watch the Christmas nuvie with the Ranch!" Anyone care to guess what "Ranch" is in this context? It took me a while to figure it out...

"Ooh! I drooled on myself!"

"It's not appropriate for me to take a bath."

"Are you playing with those rings?" Lee-"They're not rings, they're donuts!"

"I'm a pirate! I'm not a cute pirate, I'm a bad pirate."

"We got some goodies, and some pink ones. They're way good--I smelled them."

"We wish you a merry Grumpy and a Happy New year!"

"How about some new friends come?" (within a second after closing the door behind his friends who came to our Chritsmas Party)

"My turn to win!"

"Hey Alisa! Here's some tickily toes for you!"

"Mommy, you're a good cooker of dinosaur trees!"

"I did it! I did it!" Cody--"what did you do, Lee?" Lee--"I flushed the golf ball! Wohoo!"

me- "what do you want for dinner, Lee?" Lee-"Um, a turkey would be nice!"

"So, my family...going to Grandma's house would be fun..."

"Don't tickle Daddy! She's my brother for me!" (Apparently we've got a few linguistic wrinkles to iron out)

me-"You're a good helper, Lee!" Lee-"Yes. I know. I am a good helper."

"Mommy, I like you. You're a good guy." Quite possibly one of the nicest compliments I've ever received.

"Soccer ball--Are you ok?"

(the kids come marching up to me with the dehydrated fruit Christmas ornaments I've been working on--) "Mom! this is Dee-lesh-us!"

"They're not ear socks, they're Lee socks! You Silly Goose!"

"I'm a raisin and a ghost! Oooooh!" (after a long bath, with a towel draped over his head)

"I'm important like Grandpa."

"Mommy and Daddy and I go pee in the toilet, and Anna goes in her diaper. And bears pee out in the grass. And horses, and goats, and pigs, and gumballs too!"

"Is that Sara, getting married? To Eric? I love her. He's a great guy. I love her."

"Heavenly Father...(sniffs) Thank you, for my owie. And it's bleeding."

"I want to play with my cars, dad." Cody-"Thank you for asking nicely, Lee! Did you say please?" Lee-"No, I want to say please. Pleeease!"

Me-"Lee, do you want some breakfast?" Lee-"No, Mom, don't talk at me!" Me-"But Lee, you're my boy, and I love you--" Lee-"No! I'm daddy's boy!"

"Whoa, these tootsies are way noisy!" (No matter how old I am, toilet humor is still funny.)

"Look mom! Daddy picked me my own favorite basil!" (a child after my own heart ♥ )

"I need to climb this tree and pick some pokey weeds in my hands."

"Wohoo! Maybe it's Party time!"

"No Anna, don't eat that!" Me-"What is she eating?" Lee-"A maggot!" (It was a magnet.)

"You can move, mom. You can leave so I can play my ABC game." (in other words, get outta here! My turn for the computer!)

(We're outside, on a picnic, and he starts clapping his hands enthusiastically)--"Come on, flies! Come into my hands!"

Me-"What should we have for lunch?" Lee-"For lunch? Not Three lunch?"

"seven, three, four, eight, nine, two, seven, Blast off! Peecchhheeesshuueee.... (claps) Wohoo!" Can you tell what we did today?

"I need a drink of water, 'cause I'm a drinky boy!"

Cody-"Do you know where milk comes from, Lee?" Lee-"Yeah! The Fridge!"

"I'm supposed to be growing

way little sometime soon."

"There's some water, Mom, on my leg.... No, that's just drool."

Lisa-"Whoa, Lee, you're heavy! I can't carry you anymore!" Lee"*Grunts* I can't carry Lee either!"

"I'm sorry for my hiccups, mom."


"Daddy, are you the Man in Charge?"

"That's a church. That's where Jesus lives."

I say-"Aah, there's my boy!" Lee says, "No, I'm not your boy, I'm Grandma's boy!"

(Anna was crying, Lee was consoling): "Anna, your milk is in there, in mom's...uh, mom's... belly! It's okay Anna, I have a belly, but I'm not a baby anymore, I'm a big boy. I'm not a girl anymore, I'm a boy!"

holding a full, and open, bag of chocolate chips: "I found some snacks!"

Friday, February 26, 2010

Today's Projects

For some reason, today is just turning out awesome. We are getting so much done, and having a great time doing it!

I got laundry and dishes going first thing, then we packed up the kids and went shopping. We got the necessary supplies to fix our front room clock that Trisa gave to us for our wedding...the clock movement has recently gone kaput...AND to repair both stroller tires that have been flat for a couple months, despite patches. We also got the ingredients to make Okonomiyaki and Mochi, which are Japanese foods we are making tomorrow for dinner. (Okonomiyaki is like a savory Japanese filled pancake with lots of vegetables, meat, and noodles. Mochi is a soft and chewy rice candy that I found out is gluten-free. If these recipes work, watch for them tomorrow or Sunday when I get around to blogging again. They might be on my food blog.) The mochi is now in the oven and I'm going to go try my hand at dashi, a Japanese stock made from shaved bonito (fish) flakes and seaweed. Lee and Cody have been using the old stroller inner-tubes to play "Ring-the-Lee." Just like horseshoes or practicing roping a calf...but with semi-flat inner-tubes and one little Lee holding still with his hands straight up. He laughs especially hard when Daddy misses and the tube hits him in the face. (very softly, of course)

Right now, I'm just thrilled I can use the stroller again and read the time in the living room! I feel so thrifty! And I am super pumped about tomorrow night's dinner. It is going to be soooo gooooood...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

We love our daddy!

Like most families, around here Mom is mostly serious, and Dad is mostly fun. Sometimes we cross those little boundaries. But usually, it's very important and wonderful to have both Mommy and Daddy at home and both spending good time with the kids. They need the balance. We feel very blessed to have that opportunity in our home. And the kids love it too!

Monday, February 22, 2010

2 things the kids love to do

Pictures would be too gruesome

Anna always wakes up before Lee, at around 7:30. Lee wakes up about 8, and by then Cody, Anna, and I are awake and starting to get ready for the day. We usually meet on the couch. This morning I got Anna out of bed and was walking to the couch, when I turned around and there was Lee, his face, hands, and shirt covered in dripping red blood. I almost screamed.

It took me just a moment to come to my senses and realize he had a bloody nose, which was a quick fix. Then I let Cody give Lee a bath while I followed (read: scrubbed) the blood trail back to his bed. I could find everything he touched...his pillowcase, the marbleworks castle, a storage bin, the sink in his bedroom, my coat, the kitchen table, and finally the microwave stand where I found him.

Poor Lee has been having bloody noses all winter. I have come to the conclusion now that I can't stop running the humidifier. He's never had one while the humidifier was going. Last night I noticed his nose was a little crusty (with boogers) and said out loud, "We should run the humidifier in Lee's room." And that was the last I thought of it. So naturally, now I'm kind of kicking myself for not following through with a prompting.

I'm certain all of you needed to know that. :)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Next set of Grandma Pictures

I tried to take some cute pictures of the kids out in the snow by the tool shed. They are to *Hopefully* update the ones for all the grandkid collages our parents and grandparents collect. What do you think? Will it work? I plan to do them again in the summer or fall when we don't have to wear coats.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Finishing up a great birthday

Despite my tremendous post yesterday, there were still cute pictures and this great movie of Anna singing to put up.

Making everything fun

Our new memory foam mattress topper had to lie flat for 24 hours before we could sleep on it, so we kept it on our bed all day yesterday, and moved it into the living room last night. Of course, as I predicted, the kid thought it was the bees knees the second they saw it out this morning. Anna flopped on it and immediately went to sleep for about an hour until Lee woke up. Then they made footprints.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Your wish is my command!

I love getting blogging suggestions. If you have a blog post you'd like to see here, leave me a comment!

This request was from my mom, who helped me buy a new camera today as a birthday present. Our dandy little camera, which I keep glued to my hip at all times (or so it feels) has been shorting out recently. So we picked the same Canon PowerShot, just a few years newer. Here's its first movie:

P.S. That was a hard movie to obtain! Anna LOVES doing her "Pah-Tee! Pah-Tee!" dance and chant for anyone who is around...but when the camera comes out, would prefer getting treats from daddy.

P.P.S. I think the sound on this camera is much better. Thanks Mom and Dad, this is Soooooo great!

It's my Birthday!


I woke up to a beautiful plate of crepes with a decadent orange sauce (I'd made the batter and the sauce last night...but Cody did a fantastic job of cooking them). The kids sang me Happy Birthday, even Annalisa. Lee helped her by saying things like "Yeah, Anna, it's mommy's birthday! Let's go sing her happy birthday! Nope, not daddy's birthday, Mommy's birthday!" Anna still sang "Hap-bir-day-tu-dat-teeee!" over and over (but not for the camera, of course). She gave me a kiss. Lee gave me a vamp on my cheek.

Then we opened gifts. Cody totally shocked me with some amazing things: a memory foam topper for our bed, which will be so nice considering the leg/back pain I've been having recently; and a deep freezer! It's a great little freezer and fits in our basement...I can't wait to fill it up with all kinds of things, starting with the turkey in my parent's freezer that wouldn't fit here at home. Wow! I'm still so amazed at my amazing husband.

Today I also get to go on a shopping trip with my mom and to lunch--she knows JUST what I would want. And I also got a nice card from several people, which is wonderful. I feel so loved.

Of course, my best birthday of all time still is, and always will be, my 20th birthday, when Cody proposed to me. But this is lining up to be a great second-best!

Love, Lisa

Friday, February 12, 2010

Olympics Party

Since the Olympics just started, we decided to have a party. We have lots of parties in our house. I made Olympics Pizza with Canadian Bacon in honor of Vancouver (I hope you can tell that the pizza is shaped like the Olympic rings). Then we watched Star Wars because the Opening Ceremony hadn't started yet. Then the kids did their typical post-dinner "super nova" stage of craziness. So what started out as an Olympics party turned basically into chaos. We still had a good time. We always do. :)

Hairbows again--newly updated!

I made some more hairbows today and just had to show them off. The pink hearts are for Annalisa for Valentine's Day, and the green & yellow dragonflies are for one of Lee's friends. She invited us to her b'day if for some reason you know who I'm talking about, or you ARE who I'm talking about, don't tell the birthday girl before Monday! I may have to make another set of dragonflies for Annalisa, since they turned out so cute. This is becoming a favorite hobby of mine.

Addendum: I wrote the above about 2 hours ago. After which, I couldn't resist--I HAD to make another pair of dragonflies for Annalisa. They're fairly simple to make. I curled the ribbon long ago, but it isn't hard:

1) you cut the ribbon to the length you want (or you can curl first and then cut if you prefer.)
2)The ribbon has to be 100% polyester, which isn't hard to find; ribbons are sold either polyester or nylon. Use the right kind.
3) wrap the ribbon around a dowel that is about 12" long. Choose a dowel that will be the right thickness...typically you want a larger dowel for wider ribbon. a skinny dowel isn't good for a thick ribbon, and vice-versa. Wrap it in a single layer all the way around. Secure the end with clothes pins or bobby pins.
4) bake in a 275 degree oven for 20 minutes. Pull out and let cool for a few minutes before handling, although it won't be too hot. Take the ribbon off the dowel and you're done! The ribbon should hold its curl for a very, very long time, even if it gets a little wet.

Then, to make the rest of the dragonflies, I had thicker green polka-dot ribbon. Folded it under--took a little figuring out, but it wasn't hard--until I had formed the wings. I made sure to cut 2 of the same length so I could make 2 identical (or close to) barrettes. I made a similar wing for the inside. Then I hot glued everything together. A little bundle of white ribbon helps the eyes to stand out. Yes, I did hot glue all the way down the ribbon. I always paint the ends of the ribbon with a little clear nail polish to prevent fraying.

I've done little butterflies too; over Christmas I did trees; and for Sara's wedding we had blue flowers with white accents in the middle. I get my supplies from Hobby Lobby. Our Michael's here has a very limited (and expensive) choice of clips, but Hobby Lobby has barrettes and aligator clips of every size, as well as headbands, combs, and anything else you want. And I can often find all their ribbons for $1 a roll. That means, with a coupon or two, watching sales, and using every scrap of ribbon I have wisely, I can make these bows for...oh, maybe twenty cents apiece. I love it!

After all is said and done, the hardest thing about the little dragonflies is convincing Lee that they are hairbows for little girls, and not toys for boys!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Saving our Boys

My friend Nikki just put up this post on her blog, and I completely agree with her.

In a nutshell, even though I hope you go read her post, she is concerned about the purity of her boys (and girls), particularly when it comes to the filthy magazine covers that are at the check-out lines of many stores. Right at child eye-level too. You know the magazines I'm talking about--the ones you don't even want to look at, let alone a curious 8 year old child! My son is 3 1/2, and already he looks at the magazines and sometimes picks them up. Our store does a pretty good job about putting covers over the more risque photos, and they don't sell the really raunchy ones, (for which I am SO grateful!) but as a mom, I still pray and hope every day that Lee's mind can remain pure as long as possible.

But there's another man's mind I worry about even more than my son's--my husband's. He is older, he travels a lot, and naturally has more exposure to bad images. He hates those magazine racks and almost always can be found flipping the magazines over with bad images on them so that the back cover is showing instead of the front. While I love him even more for that, I wish he wouldn't have to look at it in the first place. I never knew how difficult it is for men to keep bad thoughts out of their minds, especially when confronted with too-sexy-pictures. They can't really help it--it's the way they're hardwired. Men are visually stimulated. (Women are emotionally stimulated.) Which is a good thing in the right circumstances--but it can be so hard for them to overcome when they're just wandering through the grocery store, and then BAM! there's a nearly-naked woman posed sensually on the cover of some magazine that they didn't even mean to see! It's the equivalent for a woman if you put a shirtless Taylor Lautner in the front of the store saying things like "All I want to do is listen to you. All I want to be is your friend. Tell me all your problems. I will make them go away. I think you're beautiful just the way you are, and I want to whisk you away to a gorgeous mansion with nothing to worry about except a mound of chocolate, your own happiness, and me." Call me selfish, but I want my man to remain faithful to ME! I don't want him to be tempted by a 2-dimensional-surgery-and-computer-enhanced picture!

I'm sorry, but I don't want my boys to see those images, or to have the thoughts that pursue. So I'm going to join with Nikki in writing a letter to my local stores asking them to create a more family-friendly atmosphere, even if it is in just one aisle, where I know we can be safe from the very downgrading images that are "out there." (I'll also thank the stores that have done something to help.)

I hope you join me. Please post something on your own blog, facebook page, or something, and also send a note or make a phone call asking for all stores everywhere to find a small way to preserve the purity of the next generation. Together with our friends, family, and community, we can teach our boys and girls what True Beauty is, and we can preserve them from harm in the process.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Nikki is SO cool!

I was a runner-up in Nikki's baby-blog-name contest. This was my prize:

(No, not a laptop.) This ADORABLE pair of valentine's socks for Annalisa. Aren't they just fantastic?

Anna has a few pairs of beaded socks. She loves them. She marches around the house stomping her little feet to hear them go "chink chink chink." I love them because I think they make her look more girly. And seeing that we sometimes use a few of Lee's hand-me-down clothes (the most unisex we can find), I feel less bad about it if she has girly socks on.

Yeah for contest winners! Yeah for runners-up! Yeah for Princess Socks! Yeah for Nikki and her amazing blog of awesomeness!

I know I just posted about this, but...

I just had this memory come to mind. I know I just posted about the kids doing Wii Fit with daddy, but I had to put this memory down. It's actually not my memory; it's my brother Matthew's.

Matthew once went babysitting to a couple of little boys. They ended up playing Nintendo; a one-player game. Matthew handed each of the boys a controller, and kept the only plugged-in one for himself. Then the boys laughed and marveled as they did better than they ever had before!

This morning I was reminded of this memory, as this scenario was happening in our house:

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Deep Breaths...

You're probably wondering what this picture of our old pink living room carpet is doing here.

It's proof. Proof that somewhere, for one moment, some tiny little piece of my house was clean today.

We've had 3 sets of dinner guests this week. Which I totally love, so if you were some of those dinner guests, do NOT feel bad in the slightest! Cooking is my release every day. Having guests gives me the excuse to really cook. The only problem is that I want it to be clean and nice too.

Monday was flawless. The missionaries came. I had the house mostly ready on Sunday night, Monday I ran the dishes twice, vacuumed everywhere, shut off the less-than-perfect places, and was ready precisely at 5. They came in, ate, and left by 5:45. One down. Two to go.

Tuesday was Sara and Eric, who began to see my nerves showing. We had fun with them, but vacuuming the carpet (if you are considering carpeting your kitchen, ever, I have three words for you: YOU ARE INSANE!) for the second time in less than 24 hours always gets me a bit.

Wednesday was all those doctor appointments, and to be my day to recoup. More like my day to fall apart. Which came to today; the most cooking-heavy dinner party of all: smoked turkey, funeral potatoes, and fresh home-made apple pie. I got the cooking done, had kept the dishes running all day, and was ready to do the last little bit of cleaning. I thought I'd go to the bathroom. Then, there was that sinking feeling that every mom gets: It's quiet in here. Too quiet. Where is Lee?

Not a good day to dump ketchup all over the floor and use it as finger-paint on the walls and washing machine. Not a good day to get mom mad. And then really not a good day to do the exact same thing with a bottle of shampoo while sitting in the tub, which is the only place that I trusted him with his ketchupy hands and hair. (yes, hair...why does this kid seem to enjoy rubbing squishy gooey things in his hair?)

So he got a bubble bath! (His 5th bath in 3 days.) I was so furious! I didn't care that the adult shampoo that was now foaming all over him was stinging his eyes. I wanted him to feel a little pain, and I kept telling him over and over, "You did this to yourself! You made bad decisions! That's why your bath is hurting now, because you dumped out ketchup, and you dumped out shampoo all over the floor!"

Suddenly, into my mind comes the song "Always look on the bright side of life." And at then I thought, Well, I'm going to get Apple Pie with vanilla bean ice cream tonight.

Raychel, when you're done with the carpet cleaners, wanna send 'em my way? :)

Family Fitness

Our kids like doing exercises with Cody and I. Especially when we do Wii Fit.

side note about blogger: I've noticed that sometimes the movies don't work. It will go black and sometimes say "This video is not available." It's a blogger thing, not a Lisa's Blog thing. So I hope you can see the videos, but if not, I apologize.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My knees hurt. :(

I was about to apologize for once again having a lame blog for the past several days and posts...but hey! This is MY blog and it can be lame if I want it to! Ha!

I went to 2 doctors today: our family practitioner for a physical, and my chiropractor. I asked both about my funky leg discomfort that has been keeping me up at night. The practitioner thought it was a good thing I had a chiropractor, and told me to lose weight. Well, yes. That much is apparent. And in the works...mostly.

My chiropractor did all kids of wiggling and moving of my leg and knee to see if he could feel what was wrong. He did find out the ligaments around my knee cap are kind of loose, causing my patella to rest closer to the bone than it should. He said this can cause calcium deposits under my knee cap, which are crystalline and kind of sharp like glass. Just his description made my knees hurt more! He assigned me some special exercises that should help, warned me not to do squats or knee lifts for a while, and told me if it gets worse I should wear one of those neoprene knee sleeves.

I got home happy to know what is going on and what I can do to help it get better, but all the wiggling, poking, stretching, testing, and general movement my knees and legs underwent today has left them quite sore. So that is why my knees hurt.

In other news, the kids have been particularly cute recently. They say and do funny things all the time. The only thing I'm slightly perturbed about tonight is the unfortunate overlap of a 1 year old maniac climber with the 3 year old mostly-potty trained (but not yet flush-the-toilet, wash-your-hands, close-the-bathroom-door-behind-you trained) boy. Particularly the flush-the-toilet part. It's bad enough to find the maniac climber standing IN the toilet bowl. Until your worst fears are confirmed.

Just FYI: My true worst fears would be to find her upside down in the toilet. It's actually my second worst fear to find her standing upright in the unflushed toilet. So I change that final sentence to "second-worst fears are confirmed."