Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Halloween Hairbows

I was having way too much fun the other day. It all started with looking up how to make different kinds of bug-style hairbows, since Cody had mentioned he liked the bugs best. Then I found a website that had pictures (and patterns for $5, but the picture is perfectly sufficient for me and free) of a whole bunch of super cute hairbows, including holiday ones. I couldn't wait to try some, and since I had black ribbon, these were the first ones.

I'm also planning pumpkins and turkeys, as soon as I can get ribbon shopping again. :D oh how I love making little girly hairbows!

One cute thing about when I was making these spiders--Anna found the red pom-poms that I put inside the 'bums' of the spiders to give just a hint of red and make it super-cutsy. She would grab the pom-poms and run around the house yelling "Christmas! Yay Christmas!"

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Turkey holidays said...

The hairbows you made is really very beautiful and it is looking like a spider and are looking differently.