Thursday, September 23, 2010

Pregnancy update: 15 weeks

Today I am fifteen weeks along. When I think that, I think two things after: firstly, WOW! Fifteen weeks! This is just cruising by! then, Oh man. Fifteen weeks. This pregnancy is dragging along... (Classic indecisive and irrational pregnancy brain.)

The nausea is sticking around longer than I wanted it to. I haven't been as pukey this time, but I often can't eat more than a few bites. Some days all I can manage is a smoothie.

I feel like I poked out last night. I was sitting and watching TV when I suddenly got completely short of breath like someone was squishing my tummy. I had lean back to give my belly more room and this morning I still have stretching pains. Weird. But I guess that's how the human body is--nothing is smooth and steady. Everything is in kind of lurches... just imagine growth spurts. My kids will wear the same clothes just fine for a few months, then I'll put their pants on and they're three inches too short. The baby is doing similar things--as well as my body. Despite the little growth spurt, I still don't feel like I look very pregnant. Just fat. Well, I always feel fat... just more fat... but I sometimes wear maternity clothes because the cut of the clothes might give a hint at the little life within and not just the largeness.

I am one in a huge "wave of babies." It is exciting to be pregnant along with many of my sisters, cousins, and friends. I love the fact that we'll have cousins and second-cousins close in age! So awesome!

Lee and Annalisa love the baby. Lee understands exactly what is happening. Annalisa has no clue. But she loves babies, and mostly looks confused when we try to explain to her that there's a baby growing in mommy's tummy. Lee told his whole preschool class a week ago that "my mommy had her baby! In a long long time!" His teacher told me until the clarification, she nearly had a heart attack. :)

I've had a few really weird symptoms, of course. But for the most part, things are plugging away. I'm so happy this baby is coming in March and not in the summer. I am sick of summer pregnancies. (Yes, I know what you are all thinking... 'Lisa, you're in for a surprise... it's the pregnancy that makes you huge and hot and swollen and miserable in the last month. Not the time of year.' True. But I can hope, right?)

Fifteen weeks down! only *approximately* twenty-five more until baby #3!

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debnu said...

Lisa I think it is crazy that we are so close, I am 14 weeks today. I wish you the best in everything, take care! I am wondering what was in the water up at eden... :)