Saturday, September 18, 2010

SSS: The Turkey in the Fridge

Something Super Saturday

Right now there is a turkey thawing in my fridge. I hope it is completely thawed now, so that tonight I can brine it, so tomorrow we can smoke it and have it for dinner.

I am using this turkey to document an epic (and most certainly Oscar-winning-worthy) Turkey-How-To, which will make its premier sometime in November, as part of my "Holiday Prep" series.

I ADORE smoked turkey. I also have had this particular turkey in my freezer since shortly after I got the freezer. (about seven months) I love the freezer! I love getting things at a good price and preserving it for later when a turkey roast is two-fifty a pound at the store, and you can't even buy a whole turkey! I love having my husband help make dinner--and he is always in charge of the smoker! I love making delicious food! I love sharing said delicious food with happy guests! Everything this little turkey symbolizes makes me happy. And it is definitely Super.