Saturday, October 9, 2010

Family date night

Yesterday was kind of a rough one. We had troubles with the house we're hoping to move into, and had to make some hard decisions. While we've been getting a lot of stuff out of the house, most everything else has been neglected this week--like the laundry, the dishes, even Cody's work. So last night I felt like we needed to do something different and special.

After hauling our old loveseat over to donate, I stopped at the grocery store and picked up three small cups of Aggie Ice Cream and then we went up to USU campus and parked under Old Main so Anna and Lee could marvel at the blue "A." There were also spotlights running and they'd turned on my favorite green laser too. It was a little cold to be outside eating ice cream, but it was fun! Anna sat on the van room and just stared at the A, which has been her favorite thing to see for the past week (ever since she saw the A turn blue on TV after BYU's loss to USU). Lee got a little bit too cold, but we didn't stay outside for long and soon we had the heater in the van cranked up. The kids were still in bed by 8:45 (yes late, but it's Friday after all), and we were all smiles when we got home. That's worth it in any universe.

The information above is pretty specific about the place we live, and I try to keep that information fairly vague to avoid predatory situations. It's just... c'mon, Aggie Ice Cream? Blue A? How could I not share this awesome and fun little moment of escape for our family? I've been recently monitoring where the views of this blog are coming from, and I haven't seen anything to raise red flags... so I'm willing to take a little risk today. Please don't comment using the name of our city or our last name, though. Thanks. ;)

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Crystal said...

No doubt about it, this place will forever be imprinted in your memories as somewhere wonderful.