Tuesday, October 26, 2010

First post from out-of-our-house

Saturday we moved! Well, we moved out. We are still waiting the move-in. For the time being, we are living in my parent's basement--and are very grateful for it! We hope it will only be a month or so, but since there still isn't an official move-in date, because there isn't an official place to move into, we can't officially say how long it will be. Phew!

Anyway. We are alive and well. The move-out went very smoothly, and we were so grateful...well, grateful doesn't really describe it well enough... for all the help we received. We had many family members and friends from church come to help. We started right around noon--as soon as the Homecoming Parade got over--and had the last loads unloaded by three-thirty. We took several loads over to the storage unit and a couple more loads up to my parent's house. It took some careful organization, but now the house is empty and we are taking this week to clean.

Cody is still working from the old house, but since he is in training for a job he did 2 years ago, and the training is all done over the phone via conference calls, he wears his headset and listens while he cleans. It's working out very well. I went over today and helped him clean. We've got the kitchen just over halfway done (oven and most of the fridge is done, floor is done *which was NASTY--NEVER EVER carpet a kitchen!*), the bathroom is almost entirely done (just needs the floor swept and mopped, and some mildew around the window cleaned, and trash removed), and the master bedroom is done. I also did all the windows in the living room, which is more than you might think considering the glass cupboards, the screen door, and the window-framed front porch. All done! There's still some vacuuming to do, light fixtures to clean, walls to wipe down, and a few more windows to clean. And, we haven't yet wiped out the cupboards anywhere. But hey, it's Tuesday! We have until Saturday to finish everything. We'll make it.

So that's the update on the move and whatnot. We've been having fun aside from all that. Saturday we enjoyed the Homecoming Parade--one of our favorite events of the year. The kids got tired, but they still scraped together a big bag full of candy and other various goodies. We nearly lost our voices cheering for every entry in the parade. I mean EVERY entry. Even the republicans!

The kids found new and unusual ways of helping pack... well, at least keeping themselves entertained, which is equally helpful!

As I was refilling the freezer after moving it--my last task of the Saturday move--the heavens opened and it started pouring rain. I definitely prayed in thanksgiving that we beat the rain and wind--which eventually turned to snow.

We are glad to be out of the house now and sleeping somewhere new. My stress levels have gone WAAAY down, and surprise surprise, the nausea has diminished greatly as the stress has ebbed. Thursday is my 20 week checkup, and then we'll schedule the ultrasound.

Again, I say "phew!" Last week was a big one. I am glad it is over. Now, onto the next adventure!


Sara said...

I really like how every year at the homecoming parade there ends up being at least one really good picture of me! Last year it was with Eric, this year it was with Lee! how fun! :)

Laurie/Mom/Grandma said...

Glad it's over, at least for now.