Monday, October 4, 2010

Moving Update, Oct 4

So.... we were given a 30 day move-out notice on October 1. That means that even though we don't have a specific date we can move into anywhere, we are leaving this house before Halloween.

Of course when I got the notice I, once again, went through the depression/stress/anxiety/grief that comes from unkind and thoughtless actions... but after talking it out with Cody and then my mom, I'm now just glad to be getting out--even if it means having to move all our stuff twice.

Today we procured a storage unit and moved over a van full of packed boxes. It's a start, and it felt really good. Almost all the pictures are off the walls. Lots of books have been packed up. We have a ginormous stack of empty boxes under our back porch, and another big box of donations ready to be shipped out in the van. This move is happening! :)

We will be having a massive Move-Out party on Saturday, October 23. If you live close to us (Sorry, I don't put our address or hometown on this blog... you can leave a comment if you need it), we would really love some help. Of course, since it is only a move-out and everything is going into the storage unit, we will also eventually (hopefully very soon) have a Move-In party, which we would also love help with. So if Oct. 23 doesn't work for you, but you want to help, there are options. :D Lastly, we would also love a little help with cleaning anytime in the week between Oct 23 and Oct 31... (all of these are optional, of course!)

We really just appreciate everyone's friendship, and if you can't come help us with this move for whatever reason, we totally understand. Your love and prayers and good wishes have meant more than you know. And as always, we will try to keep you updated as this goes along!

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