Monday, November 8, 2010

COMPLETELY addicted to hair bows!

I've been having way too much fun making hair bows for this little boutique thingy. Of course, though, I'm getting completely carried away, and don't want to sell the bows. *sigh. I knew this would happen. ;)

These ones I'm making for the sale:

These ones I'm not. Just for Anna and her sister. :)

No fear. I am also doing ones that are less complex and less beloved to sell. It's just so much fun... I think I'm addicted to little girl hair bows.


alainalh said...

Those little trees...oh goodness, so adorable! :) What a talent you have, Lisa.

Nikki said...

I missed this post. So CUTE! I really love the trees. I think I may even have some bells around here. I'll have to make some for my girls. Well, baby girl is fairly bald. I'll just make some for Gabbers.