Sunday, November 28, 2010

Decorating for Christmas

I told you my mom has tons of Christmas decorations... like, six big bins of them... We had a great time on Saturday setting them all up. Of course it was interspersed with the occasional tantrum, but nothing got broken (decorations or bones), and overall, I think it looks pretty nice!

Lee helped Grandpa and Grandma put the lights on the tree.

I used to love sitting under the tree and looking up at all the lights and ornaments when I was a kid, so Lee did it too. Very nostalgic for me. :)

When Anna put on the Santa hat, she walked around saying "Ho ho ho!" It was so cute! Lee was a stud in the hat as well.

The kids' favorite part of hanging ornaments on the tree was stepping up on the stepping stools. Lee kept saying, "I'm hanging this ordament way high so no children can get it!" Ironic, no?

And this is Anna this morning, dressed up in her cute Christmas dress and coat. She's also wearing her Christmas Tree hairbows, but you can't see them very well. This was the best possible picture I could take. The rest of the pictures turned out something like this...


Crystal said...

Looks like fun! Let me know if you can make it this weekend. Fun Stuff!

Levi and Kami's Blog said...

Too cute!

Angeli said...

That looks like so much fun. Anna's dress looks so cute on her. Lee is hilarious. He is learning so much about little kids getting into stuff! Ha