Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Snowman

How about just a normal, random, happy post?

Meet "Happy Birthday Snowman," so named by Anna. He was built on Monday night and is still standing, though he has lost his face and buttons. (The kids were wearing coats and gloves during the building, but were getting ready for bathtime when we decided we had to snap a picture.) We sang him happy birthday and he blew out his own candle.

Maybe it's mean of me, but I just love this picture! :) She really was in a good mood, but apparently was camera shy right then.

As you can see, we are doing well! We are still awaiting an official move-in date, but we have very high hopes it will be in early to mid December--definitely before Christmas. Woot! Our little baby also likes to squirm and wiggle at night. I love feeling her move. Both the kids are really excited for a new baby sister. I think Lee is thrilled it's a girl--He wanted to be the only boy. My strange pregnancy symptom right now is that my skin has suddenly become very sensitive. I have weird red blotches on my face. Strange, huh? I've switched to a redness-reducing/sensitive skin facewash, and I hope that helps.

Anyway, off to more adventures...

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