Monday, November 1, 2010

Holiday Prep: Calling in the troops

Now that we are getting closer to Thanksgiving, it is time to really start figuring out the schedule of what needs to be done. I think most people celebrate Thanksgiving with someone else. So my tip for this week is to delegate the tasks.

Call the people you will be celebrating with. Even if it is just you and your kids, you can still give tasks to people. One of my favorite things about celebrating with family is spending the whole day together. Where better to do it than in the kitchen? Pick your favorite things to do and assign out the rest. You can ask your guests what they want to bring or do, or if you are going somewhere else, make sure you ask what you can bring or do to help out. Find that cutesy-artsy one and assign them the table setting. Remember Uncle Joey's famous mashed potatoes? Ask him if he wants to bring those, or if he wants to try something new this year. One of the most detrimental phrases to use at this time of year is "I've got it." Instead say, "Thanks for offering your help! Here's what you can do." Trust me: it will make their experience more fun too. If you feel bad about making your guests bring something, offer to supply the ingredients and recipe, if they'd just come over with enough time to prepare it.

But the moral of the story? Get help! Don't do it all by yourself. If you ask your guests a few weeks in advance, they will know exactly what to expect--and won't be offended if you march into the living room and cut the power cord of the TV blaring football all day long to a crowd of lazy husbands and kids that keep yelling, "WHEN IS DINNER GONNA BE READY?" when they haven't even lifted a finger to help you out... hopefully, you won't even be faced with this problem, because all your guests will help in a perfect pantomime because they know exactly what to do and when to do it. And the only way they will know what to do is if you ask them in advance.

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