Sunday, November 21, 2010

Holiday Prep: Countdown--TWO DAYS

I'm hyperventilating! Two days! Both exciting and scary. Here's the big to-do list:

-last of the cleaning. If you've been keeping up on it, this won't be too hard--just picking up a few things, taking out some trash, maybe a quick vacuuming. But I know me, and I might need to devote more than just an hour to this. Bother.
-Run a few errands: make certain you have all the food you need. Check out a few movies (or get them from Netflix or record them from TV or whatever you do) to keep kids entertained. Also prep any craft projects, games, or activities you are planning on for kids or adults.
-You could make any of these now, but tomorrow (my one day remaining) you will see this again: jell-o type salads, overnight roll dough, pies (if you haven't already), and any chopping of vegetables like onions, celery, or carrots. You can also toast the bread for your stuffing, if desired.
-That turkey better feel pretty thawed by now! There can still be a little bit of ice, but if it is a rock, it's time to take further measures, like thawing in the sink. (remember, submersed in cold, slowly dripping water.)

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