Monday, November 1, 2010

Holiday Prep: Shopping List #1

Here's my first shopping list. Not necessarily go buy at the store, but make sure you have plenty in your house so that you won't have to make a delirious midnight run for toilet paper on the day before Thanksgiving. This is the first list because it is things you can buy in advance and won't go bad. Once you have them, you can rest a little easier knowing that you are prepared.

-Canned Pumpkin
-Canned milk
-Cream of mushroom/chicken soup
-chicken stock or broth (or vegetable stock or broth)
-poultry seasoning OR dry sage, dry thyme, dry oregano, dry basil, and other seasonings
-salt and pepper (I use peppercorns)
-plenty of garlic (I like the big jars of chopped fresh garlic found in the produce section)
-paprika (I love smoked paprika)
-spaghetti and spaghetti sauce (not for Thanksgiving day... for the night before when you're sick of cooking and don't know what to make)
-olive oil
-vegetable oil
-cooking spray
-toilet paper
-paper towels
-dishwasher soap and other common household items (handsoap, laundry soap, diapers, etc)
-frozen orange juice concentrate
-milk & bread and fresh fruit
-butter (can be frozen)
-bacon (also can be frozen)
-sausage (also can be frozen)
-frozen peas, corn, spinach, green beans (OR canned)
-MAYBE a frozen Turkey
-nuts like pecans, walnuts, and almonds (can be frozen)
-several rolls of aluminum foil, wax paper/parchment paper, and plastic wrap. ALSO a foil turkey pan and foil pie pans, if you don't have your own regular ones or don't want to use them.

What staples are on your list that I've forgotten?


Kathy said...

I love fresh herbs for the inside of my turkey. I feel like they're more aromatic and give a better flavor than dried ones. I can usually find a "turkey" or "poultry" blend in the produce section that works great. If I have leftovers, I can dry them and use them later.

The Harris Bunch said...

You got more on your list than I do. All I think about are the pies! cheesecake, pecan, bannanna Cream. Yum Yum I am trying to figure out how to smoke a turky that sounds just heavenly!!!

Lisa said...

Fresh herbs are fantastic if you can find them!

@Trisa: If you want instructions on how to smoke a turkey, give me a call. My mega awesome turkey post is set to come up tomorrow, and the basics are the same... just instead of roasting, you smoke it. Cody is the turkey-smoking king and would love to give you any advice you might need. It's true: smoked turkey IS Heavenly!