Saturday, November 13, 2010

Quote time!

Last February, I put up all the "Lee quotes of the day" from my Facebook page. Here are the ones since then, and also a few "Annalisa quotes of the day." Reliving them sure made me laugh!

Lee quote of the day:

"Thank you, veterans--for saving the day!"

"Mom, can you help me find the movie with all the mean grasshoppers in it?" Me-" you want to watch it?" Lee-"No." Me-"Well, why do you want to find it then?" Lee-"I just want to see if I can NOT watch it."

Cody (singing a Halloween Song)--"What are you going to be on Halloween night..." Lee--"No, daddy, Halloween is over! Now we have to sing Christmas songs. (*starts singing the same song*) 'What is Santa going to be on Halloween night?'"

"Mom, we should go on an airplane sometime." Me-"Yeah, we should. Where do you want to go?" Lee-"Just to South America."

"Mom, you're a boy." Me-"Whatever! I'm one-hundred percent girl, last time I checked!" Lee-"Well, I'm one-hundred-forty percent boy!"

me-"Lee, you're right handed... use your right hand to write your name here." Lee-"I can't! My right hand is full of a cookie!"

"Let's make a snowman when the snow comes." Me-"That sounds like fun! But there's no snow yet. We have to wait for it... a long time..." Lee-"A long time? Like... three minutes?" *looks at clock patiently*

"I got her with my blood! That was funny!" (Lee had a blood draw and when the needle was removed, a little blood spurted out on the nurse, and she yelped. Lee laughed hysterically.)

(To the tune of Queen's 'We Will Rock You') "WE WILL, WE WILL, WALK EVERYWHERE!"

me-"Lee, can you remember what you ate for dinner at Grandma's house?" Lee-"Yep! It was popcorn!"

"There's just two Lee's mom: Me Lee, and Silly!"

me-"Lee, say 'I am a goofball.'" Lee-"I am a cool dude!"

"Please don't leave." (melt my heart!)

"Guess what mommy? My preschool has TWO potties in it!"

"Here's a fruit snack Anna. Watch out for the pit."

having just come from the garden with a humongous green pepper with several bites out of it--"Mom, Dad! Look! I just found my snack!"

"Heavenly Father, Thank you for not letting me hear that creepy noise again, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. ... Oh wait, one more thing! Please help me to feel good and not be scared. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen!"

"We need juice because we are boring."

Aunt Sara--"Lee, is there a bone in the end of your nose?" Lee--"Nope, there's just my squeezee!

"Anna! We don't bite dinosaurs!"

"I smell's a very appetizing smell..."

(Cody gave him some junk mail so he could open something) "Hey! It's from Geico! Look, it has a Geico on it right there!" Oh dear, I have definitely let my son watch too much television.

Cody-"Lee, they're going to take me in a room and take an x-ray of my foot. It will be a picture of my bones. Would you like to see the x-ray?" Lee-"No." Cody- "Why not?" Lee-"because it will make me cry."-

"Mom, you look like my mom."

me-"Lee, if you jump on me one more time, I will give you a wedgie!" Lee-"hm...okay..." *hysterical, maniacal laughter, before...* "Here I come! Give me a wedgie!"

me-"Lee, you can only pick one candy for movie night. If you want something different, you have to put the gummi bears back." Lee fiddles in his cart for a minute, then announces, "OK, mom, I put the gummi bears in the back! I'm ready to get the licorice now!"

"Anna, you look like a princess." Cody-"That's because she IS a princess!" Lee-"The princess of the valley?" Cody-"Yes, the princess of the valley." Lee- "The Princess of the Valley of Peace?" Cody-"Yes, the Princess of the Valley of Peace." Lee-"Oh. Anna, you're so beautiful."

"Mom! I have great news! Lee's nose says 'Boop!'"

"Dad, I need to talk to you about pushing. Pushing is way bad for dads, and it hurt Lee's tongue way bad too."

Me--"So, for having a picnic in the woods... let's see, we'll need..." Lee--"Marshmallows!"

"Mom, thank you for saving my life."

"Mom, guess what Anna said? She said 'I'm sorry' because she was disobedient to Lee. And I just told her to be obedient to Lee."

-takes a big sniff of Anna's foot- "Hm. Rosemary."

"I'm just doing blowing-kisses."

"Milk. It's good for you. Cold. Milky. Creeeamy."

"Pizza is way good for you!"

"Let's have some popcorn." Cody-"But we're having ice cream." Lee-"But we could have popcorn, AND ice cream, of course!"

"It is a great idea for me to be a good boy!"

"Reindeer! HEY! Reindeer! Eat those dandelions, RIGHT - NOW!"

"I can't do ANYTHING with a bandaid on my finger!"

"I'm three, just like the Genie's free!"

"I need a mom-hug."

Dad is a good driver, and Mom is not.

(Cody walks in from the basement) "Yay! Daddy, you're alive!"

"I'm just pretending to be alive."

"Anna, wanna play Batman with me? Wanna be the... uh... dark lady?"

while getting ready to feed ducks: Me--"What do you think those ducks are doing right now?" Lee--"They're probably walking around saying 'Quack! I'm hungry! Quack!'"

"Go away, mess, go away!"

"Hey look! Popcorn trees! Two popcorn trees! They are all covered in... uh... popcorn!"

Oh, I love you mom! I love it when you share with me. I love it when you share roller coasters and Curious George."

Me--"What do you want for breakfast, Lee?" Lee--"Um, Cereal and broccoli." several hours later...."Lee, what do you want for dinner?" Lee--"How about macaroni and cheese with bagels on top?"

"Don't scare me, mom! Because I'm a good guy, and I don't even have any tickets. See? No tickets!" [referring to police tickets, which we told Lee you get if you break the law.]

"But I'm not playing with toys, I'm just playing with my peas!"

"Dad, you made me sad and you made me cry when you took me to time out, and you hurt my funny bone! So now I'm taking you to time out for four minutes."

"Mom, are you thinking about me?"

(calling to the world) "Who wants to go potty? I got a potty right there!"

"I'm cryin' about it, 'cuz dad went back to work and he will get sick down there and then he will go to the hospital and I have to help him and I'm sad about it. But this here will make me happier. Or some candy."

Me-"Yuck, this truck in front of us is dirty! It's dropping stuff all over the road!" Lee--"Don't worry, he'll say he's sorry in just a minute."

"I am fishing for a green fish. I got some pirates here, and I have Captain Hook, and he is going to say AR to me!"

"I just saw a nuvie of Michael Jackson. He's way funny. And he was dancin' like this!" (starts wiggling crazily)

"Ha ha! Laugh mom, laugh! ha ha ha...Keep laughing, mom!"

"I will put on my smile!"

"Hm. Smell me mom; I smell very good."

"Maybe today we could, um, eat this food, and go potty in the toilet, and maybe get married?"

"Don't cry, it will be alright!" (aaawww, so sweet and wise!)

"Anna is a girl. She's the princess. And I'm the cool dude."

"Mom, something hurts. A lot."

"Well....I'm back!"

"I like my underwear backwards. I like it wedgie-style."

"Stay there until you get old!"

"No, I'm not a Grumpy Gus. Because I'm sad about Grumpy Gusses."

"No, Anna, I'm NOT food!"

"...roll it, and pat it, and mark it with a B...And put it in the oven..." me--"for mommy and Lee!" Lee--"no, for six minutes."

"Huh! This park is amazing!"

"Mommy, I'm sorry I just turned into a spider web."

"Look! There's just some little teensy spiders! They're way nice. They're just killing people!"

"Look! It's a hammer dog!"

"I have just a little owie. I just bloke my leg. And my hand. And my other leg, and my body too."

Annalisa quote of the day:

"OOOH! A Penguin! Anna saw Penguin!"

(finds a bag of old Cheetos) "YAY! Carrots!"

Lee--"Happy mother's day, mom!" (hands me a rose.) Anna, pondering,--"Happy mother's day, dad!" (Hands Cody a rose.)

Anna somehow bit a bar of soap, and cried and ran around the house saying "Icky! Icky mouth!" The hilarious part was when Cody said, "I'm going to try some, just to see what it tastes like..." and the next thing I hear is the crunching of soap in Cody's mouth and he's running to the bathroom coughing and spitting. A...ah, all in a day at my house. :)

"My birf-day, may-ya-yo!" (Trying to say 'Tomorrow')

(Holding up Lee's church tie) "Here's Lee's itchy!"

"Oh! The Sun! There she is! Hello Sun!"

"I want food! I want oo-bask-etties!" (But we're having spaghetti on Sunday, silly girl!)

(She drooled on her shirt, then noticed it, and said,) "Oh no mommy! I spilled!"


Levi and Kami's Blog said...

That was hilarious! Levi and I just laughed and laughed! I didn't know he was getting so big! Cute pictures too!

Raychel said...

I can see Lee and Anna saying all those things. It's so funny! They're so serious about trying to say what they have in their hearts.