Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Thanksgiving Turkey Hair bows

My friend Kati invited me to make hairbows for a mini-boutique her apartment complex is putting on. I must admit I haven't been this excited for something in...well, since I started my Holiday Prep series! I started making the bows today. I just HAD to do a few Thanksgiving ones, though I only made four--one for Anna, of course, and three to sell.

Aren't these turkeys SO cute?
Anna modeling her turkey while playing with Grandma's doll house:
I think they turned out adorable! These are some of the most complicated I've put together, with their little beaks and looped bodies... but, oh, how much fun!

Of course, these ARE on sale. If anyone is interested, these particular turkeys are $5 a piece. My other bows will probably run about $3 a piece, $5 a pair. You can leave me a comment and we'll work out the details. Mostly I just wanted to show them off!