Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Adam

I finished everything on my to-do list yesterday, so I'm just stoked! Here's an update on us... but mostly just a journal entry for me.

The either the kids are always like this and I'm just more wary of it at this time of the year, or they've started exhibiting mild bipolar tendencies... I'm pretty sure it's the former. They're four and two, after all. They swing between these adorable, happy moods, to uncontrollably grumpy and unreasonable. I've started to notice, however, that the grumpy moods come on right before meals and bed/nap time. Hm. Hungry? Tired? yeah, I'll blame that. But for the most part, they've been great little truckers and I'm proud of them. Santa notices these things.
Anna has learned several Christmas songs. She knows almost all the words (and the tunes perfectly... she's got an ear for music, this little one!) of: Santa Claus is Coming to Town, Away in a Manger, Jingle Bells, and Happy Holidays. Lee has also been learning lots of music. His current favorite is Feliz Navidad, which he learned in Preschool and (surprisingly enough) can sing perfectly!

As for Cody and I--we're busy as heck trying to get things ready for Christmas and still settling into the house. The massive pile of laundry--we had mildew in our last house, isn't that fun?--has shrunk considerably. There's only a few boxes left in the basement that need to be opened. And for now, the baby's room is our dumping place until further measures can be taken. No big deal.

Alisa brought us a real Christmas tree. We didn't think we'd get one this year, so that was a huge and awesome surprise.

Tonight I'm treating myself to the F family (my side) traditional Christmas Eve Dinner--Ham, special (aka funeral, cheesy, whatever you call it) potatoes, red and green jell-o's, rolls, and some kind of vegetable I haven't quite figured out yet. Tomorrow the S family (Cody's side) is coming up for a spectacular party and their traditional "Jerusalem Dinner"--we will eat a loose interpretation of what Jesus would have eaten back in the old days (lamb, fish, unleavened bread, dates and figs, and so on). I'm really excited. It is going to be a special Christmas Eve for us. But anyway, back to TONIGHT'S dinner... I took the opportunity to make the special potatoes (and jell-o) with my mom and sister. We all wanted a pan to take home, and since making a massive load of potatoes isn't any more difficult than making a small one, we made an "unholy" amount of potatoes. Like, this many: (and yes, three of those pans are 13x9's, the rest are about 11x7's.)
Now I have a pan of potatoes and an extra ham in the freezer for some day in the future when I don't want to cook. With me already 28 weeks pregnant, I don't think that day is far off...

Shh... don't tell, but I got my cookies all baked and packaged and ready to go! Here's what they look like on the cooking rack. I decided to stick a piece of chocolate on each of the chocolate orange cookies. It makes them extra good.

And again, all packaged and hidden away on top of the fridge, which my kids are way too short to see.
So. The shopping is done. The wrapping is done. The baking is done. The guests are coming. The house isn't quite clean, but I don't care much. I am ready on what I want to do, and what I don't want to do, I'm not doing. I'm so excited--and ready!--for Christmas!