Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Beast and Creeping-Thing

It's going to be a busy few days for me. So what am I doing? Getting an early start? Nope... blogging, of course! ;)

I can't remember the specific year this started... I was probably between the ages of nine and thirteen... But at one point, we said, "What do you call the day before Christmas Eve? Well, Adam came before Eve, so, Christmas Adam!" And then it was a natural progression backward. *and yes, we knew that "eve" is truly a term referring to the day before, not Eve the Mother of all Living... our methodology is just a lot funner.*

Today is Christmas Beast and Creeping-Thing. Yesterday was Christmas Foul and Fish. I can't remember the rest, especially not without my trusty book of Genesis sitting by me. But we took it back two weeks, through "Christmas Firmament in the Heavens" and "Christmas 'Let there be Light'" and (for you LDS out there...) "Christmas War in Heaven" and "Christmas Fall of Satan" and things like that.

So how do you celebrate such wonderful calendar-stopping holidays like Christmas Beast and Creeping-thing? Easy! You wrap presents, bake cookies for your kids, practice Christmas music with the people who are signing on Sunday, make four pans of jell-o, tie a quilt, go to doctor's appointments, stop by the grocery store to pick up your favorite type of TUMS, clean out the guest bedroom, and nurse your sick husband through his workday.

At least, that's how I'm celebrating. You can enjoy it as you choose. :) Happy Christmas Beast and Creeping Thing, Everyone. I hope you are as excited for Christmas as we are!


Debbie said...

Happy Christmas Beast and Creeping-Thing to you, too. :-)

Laurie/Mom/Grandma said...

Happy Christmas Adam (because that's when I'm writing this). But, at our house we had Christmas Fowl and Fish. We'd much rather have those flying things than something really nasty and "foul." :)

Lisa said...

oh man, you're really going to criticize my spelling when my pregnancy brain has taken such a strong hold? FOWL then.