Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Day

Christmas morning dawned long after I had already awoken... but I let the kids sleep in all the way until 7:30. That's the latest Christmas morning I can ever remember. Silly me. :)

The kids took a moment to process everything that was going on, but were very excited. The Christmas cookies were a huge hit. Anna picked off all the pieces of chocolate on the chocolate orange cookies... silly girl. The kids also loved new pairs of slippers, Lee's tool set, and Anna's dolly. And of course, the Curious George fruit snacks.

We opened gifts while munching on pears, clementines, and cookies, and by about nine thirty we were finally ready to go get breakfast.

We went up to my parent's house (Mom and Dad F), where there were MORE gifts waiting for us--can you believe it?--and then our traditional Eggs Benedict. Oh. Yum.

Cody and Anna went back home for a little while--Anna to take a nap in her own bed, and Cody to "Take a nap" aka "set up the new HD TV." I napped at mom and dad's and Lee played with toys.

About three thirty, we all reconvened and got to open MORE gifts, since Sara and Eric were there then and they had given to us for Christmas this year. The kids were thrilled with everything. Then, we worked diligently on Christmas dinner, which we ended up serving a little late (no big deal). It was amazing. Prime Rib, Yorkshire Pudding, special potatoes, red and green jell-o, rolls, steamed broccoli, mushrooms and au jus, vegetables, and chocolate lava cakes for dessert. We rolled ourselves out of the door and went home to bed.

We are most grateful for spending this Christmas with our wonderful families. We love you all! We also are grateful for the birth of Jesus Christ and his marvelous ministry; for His life and love which reaches us still today. Merry Christmas, everyone!

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