Saturday, December 4, 2010

Moving In soon-ish

Our soon-to-be-new-landlords closed on the house we will be moving into and finally got the keys. They unlocked the garage for us and yesterday Cody, his dad, and our brother-in-law Paul emptied the storage unit into the garage. Because I believed it would take at least two solid days of hard, backbreaking work, I didn't race over to take pictures. But nope, at dinner last night, they told us the unit was empty, swept out, and unlocked. Whoa! Just in time too, because yesterday was the last day we could be there (without paying another month's rent on the unit). I am still astounded that they got it done...kinda banging my head that I didn't go take pictures when I had the chance... and mostly just really grateful to these wonderful men and their hard work.

So, at this point, our schedule stands thus: Hopefully next week we will get the keys to the house and sign our contract. Then we can get over there and clean, because it hasn't been done yet and I'd like to shampoo the carpet and wipe out cupboards and things like that. After a few days of cleaning, hopefully things will be ready to set up beds and start unpacking. We have some big items here at mom and dad's that will still need to be moved over when we're ready to start living there. So with any luck and after lots more hard work, perhaps we can be living in our own place once more within a week or so! Woohoo!


Laurie/Mom/Grandma said...

I just caught up on three posts. I've been rather behind on computer things this week. Thanks for sharing, especially the Gingerbread men.

Traci said...

Congrats to you guys, that's awesome you'll be in a new place so soon! Glad it worked out for you, and even better from what I hear the weather's even supposed to be decent next week.... good luck :)