Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I miss my van. :(

Our van is in the repair shop. On October 20, three days before we moved out of our old house, someone backed into the van while it was parked on the street, leaving a fairly good sized dent in the driver's door. Since the damage was only aesthetic, I've been putting it off getting fixed until after the move. There's lots of things we needed a van for!

Fortunately, the lady who backed into the van was upfront and honest about it. Her insurance has been really easy to work with (State Farm) and is covering everything. They even offered us a rental car, but we turned it down since we have two vehicles and I didn't want to worry about a rental. But it is still a nuisance to have to take it in, be down a vehicle this week, and have to buckle in the kids into the back seat of the Civic.

So, whine whine. I miss my van. That is all.


Laurie/Mom/Grandma said...

But it will be beautiful when it's back!

Angeli said...

I didn't even notice. Glad you can fix it.