Monday, January 17, 2011

Just some cuteness

On Saturday morning (Jan 15) I became an aunt again! We love cousins! Congratulations, Matthew and Kristin, on the birth of your beautiful new daughter, Jayli. Here's Anna, catching her first glimpse at the photos online. Anna has been adoring babies of all kinds. She loves learning their names too. She knows Baby Noah, Baby Riley, Baby Ashlin, and now Baby Jayli! (of course, Anna is two... you can't expect her to pronounce it perfectly... So we may always call this one Baby Jelly. Or variations thereon.)

... and don't you love Cody's favorite showertime song, "In a little cafe on the other side of the border..." :)

Now, some pictures from Cody's birthday yesterday!
Holy tamole! Thirty candles is a lot!

We had a fun party with Raychel and Paul, Sara and Eric. I made a big dinner (lasagna of course) and then we played a game. We all answered 30 questions about Cody. If we got the question right, we got a candy bar. I had about 25 candy bars. When the candy bars were all gone, we got to take them from each other--but you had to ask the right person for the right candy bar, and we were all hiding our own. It was lots of fun!

Then we sang happy birthday, Cody blew out all thirty of his candles, ate some cake and ice cream, and then Cody and I battled the kids staying in bed until ten while we cleaned up. Silly little ones. Mostly silly Anna, who took a nap waaaay too late in the day. Still, a fun birthday!

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Laurie/Mom/Grandma said...

Sounds like a great party. I so wish I had been there!