Friday, January 7, 2011

Potty Training in a Day

Today is the "Big Day" for Annalisa! This is my journal of her potty training, so if you're not interested, go ahead and skip. I'm trying a method I learned about on this website:

Now, there are some issues I have with this site. The biggest? They seem to be out to make a lot of money. They suggest buying firstly the pamphlet itself, and then a special wetting doll with its own little potty, and a matching potty for the kid, and a "Potty Party Kit," and pull-ups, and underwear, and all kinds of stuff. I, however, read right over that and have decided to do it myself, with what I have, and not spend a fortune on potty training in one day.

What I'm using:
-Anna's favorite stuffed animal, Bonnie Bear, along with a little cup of water.
-Anna's favorite drink, juice.
-Anna's favorite cup, which happens to be a sippy cup.
-The underwear we already owned.
-The regular toilet instead of a kid potty. (I'm not a big fan of kid potties, because I feel like you have to re-train them to use the regular toilet. No sense doing double work!)

Pre-potty training readiness checklist:
-Child has some kind of bowel control: "pushes out" BM, stays dry in the diaper for a few hours at a time.
-Has motor control enough to pull underwear and pants up and down
-Has a desire for parental approval (indicated by "look, mommy!" or "will you do this with me daddy?")
-Can communicate needs

Here's my method:
1) Last night Anna helped me put a diaper on Bonnie when I changed Anna's diaper for bed. This could have been done several days in advance, though. Then, Anna took Bonnie to bed with her. Several times, I said, "See, Bonnie is doing this just like Anna. Bonnie is just like Anna."

2) This morning, we got dressed wearing a diaper, ate breakfast just like normal, but Bonnie got to come to the breakfast table. Everything Anna did, Bonnie did too. So right now, Bonnie is wearing a shirt. I might note that I picked clothes for today that were very easy to potty train in. Anna happens to be wearing a slightly longer shirt, panties, and her favorite purple tutu. Because the panties are coming on and off all day, the shirt is nice to cover her little bum.
3) After breakfast, I prepped Lee for what was going to happen. Then, it was time to focus on Anna. Anna gets to keep her sippy cup of juice all day today, and is encouraged to drink. Bonnie gets drinks too.
4) Anna helped Bonnie take off her diaper and put on panties. Bonnie then got the opportunity to go potty. With the help of my little cup of water, a few dribbles made it into the toilet, which was followed by great cheers, hugs, and loves from Anna and mommy. Anna got the opportunity to go as well. Nothing came out, which is fine. She still got cheers and loves.
5) After a minute or two, it was time to do rehearsals. Here's a demonstration of a rehearsal:

(Don't you love the "Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!" coming from both Lee and Cody? Did I mention you should pick a low-stress day without a lot going on to do potty training?)
Anyway. We did about ten rehearsals in a row, and the one above was one of them. We went to different rooms in the house, pretending to play. Then, I'd encourage Anna to run to the potty, and she would get praise.
6) I let Anna go now for a few minutes, and she played.
7) Bonnie had an accident on the floor. :( (a little water on the carpet, a little water on Bonnie's panties.) I encouraged Anna to come see what had happened; to touch the wetness and to help Bonnie clean it up. Lee was rather disgusted. Then Bonnie did 3 rehearsals, and on the last one, a little water went in the potty and was followed by much celebration.
8) Anna got another opportunity to go. This time, she did her business! (Number two, I might add!) This was followed by a huge party, including calling whoever she wanted. Treats could be involved as well.
9) Now that we've had success, I'm letting her play and behave normally, but I'm asking her about every twenty minutes if she would like to go. About every hour, we do another two or three rehearsals. The juice is still plentiful.
10) If, and when, Anna has an accident, it will be followed by another ten rehearsals. I know it sounds like a lot. But they go fast, and it's really important to handle accidents appropriately. If you're too soft on the kid, they think it's okay. If you're too hard on the kid, they can be hurt by it. So, silly, fun, but a LOT of rehearsing. And of course, every success is a major deal.

After today, we keep up a few rehearsals a day, and keep the successes with high praise. Accidents are still dealt with the same way. Eventually, everything becomes habit, and we're done! Now, I need to take Bonnie and go have another potty adventure. I'll let you know how the end result goes!


Kathy said...

This is hilarious. I hope it works!

Laurie/Mom/Grandma said...

I also wish you well.