Monday, January 10, 2011

Quick post...

I'm using Cody's work computer to give you a quick update. Why not our laptop or home desktop? because... ugh... once again the internet is having issues. This has been a royal mess. We're on our third internet provider, second router, and millionth headache. Cody has work, and fortunately his work computers are working (yes, if you're counting, we have FOUR computers in our house, for two adults), so I'm down here using one computer just to submit some prescription refills, check my email, and the like. The like includes blogging.

So, briefly. We got the van back on Friday afternoon. It looks great! Except they had to repaint the side of the van, which means the funky/awesome racing stripe thingies that make the van look surprisingly "clothed," as well as add character, had to be removed from the driver's side. So now it only has one side with the stripes. It looks lopsided, and half naked to me. But they've ordered new ones, and since they're custom stripes, it won't be an exact match, so they'll redo both sides when the decals come in. But the dent is gone, and while it was in the shop, they detailed the van! shampooing carpet! cleaning air vents! Scrubbing down the dashboard! Wonderfulness! I was really impressed. I'm glad we took it in and got it done. And I'm really glad it wasn't on my dime!

I'm sick. :( It's very, very odd. My right ear is thumping. Every day it has been getting louder. I thought at first there was something thumping in the house. I walked all over the place and kept asking Cody, "Can't you hear that?" Finally I checked my pulse and realized I was hearing my heartbeat and the blood rushing through my ear. Weird. Yesterday it was hurting too, so I went into the Instacare, pretty sure I had an ear infection. But the doctor said my ear was totally clear, and recommended two medications I can't have because I'm pregnant... finally settling on plain old Sudafed. Which isn't doing a darned thing. *sigh.* I hope it clears up soon. Doc suspects something in my head is plugged up, but since I have no other signs of infection, he can't prescribe antibiotics. So I either get worse, and finally get some medication, or I get better. Until then, Would someone PLEASE tell the drummers in my brain to turn down the volume?!?

Cody's birthday is coming up! Next Sunday, the sixteenth, he turns thirty. Yes, 3-0. I'd love any awesome party ideas!

...and, that's pretty much it. I need to go make Anna some lunch. That is if the incessant beating will quiet down enough for me to think straight. And then I can run errands and pick up Lee. And plan a birthday party. And maybe catch a nap? nah...


Nikki said...

I feel for you in regards to your computer issues. We have been down that messy road. I hope that resolves itself soon.

I had to chuckle at your unclothed van comment. I can totally see it!

The thumping. OH THE THUMPING! That happened toward the end of my twins' pregnancy. I thought that someone was knocking on the house or something. Drove me crazy! It finally resolved itself about a week after they were born. Hope yours doesn't last that long.

Angeli said...

Hope you get better. I can't believe how fast time is flying by for you. I so wish I could take you and Cody out on HIS or YOUR birthday. So for far away. Hope to see you soon to celebrate 30! and __ and new baby to be.