Thursday, February 3, 2011

34 weeks check-in

OK, I've been working very hard to keep this blog light and fun the past few weeks with no complaining or whining. I think I've earned myself a little journal-y post!

Today I am 34 weeks along with pregnancy #3. I wish I had kept even better journals of my previous pregnancies, because I would love to compare now. But oh well, we all always wish we had kept better journals, right? Even those of us who do keep good journals!... ?

Anyway. The baby is growing, but I'm often surprised how small I still feel. I swear with previous pregnancies I felt pretty squished by now... but there are times--most times, a lot of times--that I hardly feel pregnant. Well, that's not entirely accurate... I always feel pregnant. The aches and pains are here. The charlie horses, the heartburn, the inability to bend over, the often-times-embarrassing reminder to cross my legs when I sneeze... but as far as belly size and general squished-ness, I feel like this is much less than I remember. I have no doubt it will get unbearable very soon, so I am counting my blessings and moving on.

The thumping has quieted! I'm not saying it is gone, just much quieter and less frequent. I thought I was going to completely lose it, and I am SO SO SO grateful that it has decided to give me a little break. I still have no idea what was causing that incessant "bang-whoosh-bang-whoosh-bang-whoosh" in my head, but let's just say... good riddance. knock on wood.

I really am excited for three kids. Nervous, but excited. In two weeks I start the one-week doctor appointments where they start checking progress. Considering my overdue + induced history with labors, I don't expect much for a while. Until then--ready or not, baby #3, here we come!

(Oh, and yes, we have decided on a name. But that is for later posts. ;D)

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Laurie/Mom/Grandma said...

I'm SOOO happy to hear that the ear problem is improving. And I'm looking forward to a walk again.